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    The Wizard Needs YOU! To provide cool spells!

    Thanks for the cool spells guys; the more the better! A couple of things about the game; First; obviously it's early days and this is just a hobby; I'm an experienced developer so I have no illusions as to this taking quite a lot of time (think months or never) What I'm focusing on now is the engine, which needs thought so I can easily do things such as create portals and mess with time. The engine will decide the limits of the spells are; currently my engine design has a couple of properties: 1) Everything is destructible. 2) The Game is fundamentally 2d at the moment, and that is unlikely to change (mainly because it makes development so much faster) @Zetharial: As soon as I have a working alpha I'll put in a tile set and contact artists, but I think it's unfair to get artists in earlier than I have something I can release. That said, I will be programming in some spell effects. I expect the game to be free and will post a link to it here as soon as I have something worth beta-testing.
  2. Forthright


    [color=#1C2837][size=2]The best games imho often just use a similar equation to yours but provide monsters with varying defense and health such that repeated weaker defense monsters with high health go down to repeated small attacks faster (which should have a higher dps) but high armor lower health monsters go down to more powerful attacks quicker since their armor makes successive rapid attacks much less potent. [color=#1C2837][size=2] [color=#1C2837][size=2]Note you can also partially normalize your damage if you want; it makes the balancing easier but I'd recommend against it if you can do without: [color=#1C2837][size=2] [color=#1C2837][size=2]((Strength x 2-5) + Weapon Attack + Buffs) * ((Melee Defense/2)/MAX_DEFENSE) - (MeleeDefense/2) + 1 [color="#1c2837"] [color=#1C2837][size=2]The +1 is for a minimum damage per hit and a small buff for rapid attacks. [color="#1c2837"] [color="#1c2837"] [color=#1C2837][size=2] [color="#1c2837"]
  3. Forthright

    The Wizard Needs YOU! To provide cool spells!

    [color=#1C2837][size=2]Stardrinker - Opens a gravity-based vortex[...][/quote] [color=#1C2837][size=2] [color=#1C2837][size=2]The name alone is awesome... double rainbow to you sir for finding a believable way to stick a black hole into a fantasy setting Will almost certainly use this in some form or other. [color=#1C2837][size=2] [color="#1c2837"]The mechanics for very powerful spells are currently that they require sacrificing a rare reagent and/or Stats. (Emergencies only is the aim)
  4. Forthright

    Design Discussion: Perma Death

    [color="#1C2837"]We must know different people The community I know loves Diablo so much so that many of them claim that it IS a roguelike: http://roguebasin.ro...ndex.php/Diablo There's even a Diablo roguelike: http://diablo.chaosforge.org/ But on topic: Permadeath can be managed particularly well by using the notion of 'extrinsic-xp' where one gains something significant by playing despite dying. A perfect example of this is Desktop Dungeons: http://www.desktopdu...net/?page_id=11; where the game changes as you play. If you look at nethack, a good deal of meta-game knowledge and actual game experience is needed to play effectively. In FPS/RTS the 'extrinsic-xp' exists in the form of player skill. So long as 'extrinsic-xp' exists in some form, the player will continue to enjoy a sense of progress. TL,DR: Permadeath is fine for any game that is replayable and doesn't have 'grinding' as a principle component.
  5. Forthright

    The Wizard Needs YOU! To provide cool spells!

    Wormhole - I think this could provide some great player satisfaction... :)Premonition - Like it! Would probably use the same mechanic as FutureSight but force you back after only a short while. I forgot to mention; I also need spells that do direct damage... fire/ice/lightning-ball/beam/wall are all bit tame.
  6. Forthright

    Preventing Newbie Killing

    Fundamentally, people respond to incentives: If someone kills a noob, making it cost will reduce the problem. Still, I'm all for freedom in games, so someone should be able to grief... so long as they are willing to pay for it
  7. Forthright

    Phasing in games.

    Overall, phasing is a substitute for the ability to affect the game world. That said, it is superior to completing quests and not seeing any effect. Phasing often means that you can't follow a player somewhere you logically should be able to. As a Developer, phasing also sounds like it would be a nightmare to implement. So while phasing is good apart from trivial indicators of completion/locked doors, I'd recommend spending the time generating shared dynamic content instead.
  8. Forthright

    So let's talk weapons...

    I sometimes wish our heroes were better equipped with weapons: Neurotoxin: Wearing a gas mask with this, will end most fights against things that breath. Rechargeable EMP: Solve robots Armored Personnel Carrier: For Zombies. AK. Buckets of ammo. Also: Proper armored, bite-proof hazmat: For everything.
  9. Forthright

    Solutions To Weapon Inflation

    I've run into this a few times, here are a couple of ideas. They do depend on the genre of game slightly, and some don't combine well, also the focus here is on weapons. 1. Avoid - Items of 'trash' value simply look grey when on the floor, compared to appropriate lvl items which shine. The player doesn't have to pick them up to find out they're trash but you don't lose cogency in the game. 2. Convert - Instant-Sell/convert - can convert items to cash/reagents at any point; turn trash to gold. 3. Mitigate - Non-Inflation Ammo/Resources such that at least the ammo for guns is almost always useful. But the best imho is to do the following: Resource for additional game mechanic: 1.Fantasy - use item for spell (eg. Metal Golem in diablo II, item influences Golem traits) 2.McGuiver Style - Use items as traps (eg. toothfloss + disposable weapons + door = happyfuntime!)
  10. Forthright

    Dropping the F-Bomb

    Some find such words offensive so: 1. All things being equal; steer clear. 2. If it's absence would detract from your game; use judiciously.
  11. Hi, I've got a rogue-like I'm making, I've got all the very simple stuff down; basic monsters, basic AI (still a bit thick), random dungeon creation. Screenie: The story goes thus: You're an awesomely powerful (and arrogant) wizard, Chronos has just caught you sleeping with his demi-goddess daughter... in punishment; saved by her sobbing, Chronos decided that instead of smiting you, he'd strip you of all your magical artifacts and send your sorry ass to the Dungeon Dimension. In this universe: All spells are granted through possessions (items/symbiotes/tattoos) which are either consumed or channeled to cast the spell. Mana is required to both cast (x mana) and maintain a spell (when the latter makes sense: y mana per turn ). Everything is destructable. What I am looking for are original spells, since this is a roguelike the graphical component is limited. The whole point of this game is to take advantage of the roguelike nature to do things which are infeasable/difficult in most modern genres: In particular, mess with space, time, AI. Some cool spells I'm currently working on (to give you an idea): Soul Swap - You control the target character and it controls you while maintained. Portal - Creates a portal to from target portal. (Like the game of the same name) Illusion - Select a tile; monster, wall, anything: and you can 'paint' and illusion of that tile for all the enemies to see. Magic-Mirror - A mirror you can walk through/cast through etc. (Some creatures can only be hurt in one world, don't kill your reflection!) Farsight - Allows you to sea other areas of the map so you can cast line of site spells. FutureSight (Requires The Sacrifice of a Chrystal ball) - Essentially acts as a save, you keep on playing, but if you die, you return to the point at which you used your Chrystal ball, you continue paying the maintenance cost but can 'cancel' at any point which 'accepts' current reality. I want players to be creative; ie. Open a portal in front of Medusa to turn another monster to stone. Any cool spells will be appreciated, If I end up using your spell (assuming it's original, and not 'fireball') gets an in-game mention Cheers. tldr: List cool spells pls.
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