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    Being able to determine equality in stats?

    I don't get it. It seems like your trying to make a system that is complicated, simply to have a complicated system. I'm sorry, but this stat system is no different then the usual stats. Tons and miles replace points and add nothing to the game experience, save the illusion of depth created by forcing players to perform arbitrary mathematics. Creating a new system isn't a bad thing and I like that you are at the very least, trying to be original.
  2. kingtroll123

    The Wizard Needs YOU! To provide cool spells!

    Wormhole - you open a wormhole to the future that sucks in the next attack or ability to target you, you may then open the other end of the wormhole at anytime to release the absorbed attack onto an enemy
  3. kingtroll123

    Solutions To Weapon Inflation

    "Side-Grading"- You have a level 5 fire staff and you pick up a level 1 frost staff, you are then given the option to turn your level 5 fire staffs enchant into a level 5 frost enchant at the cost of the original enchant and the lower level enchant. Gear would become a direct resource rather then needing to be sold or disassembled first.
  4. kingtroll123

    Weapon Limits

    It would seem, from your main argument, that you have a problem with laziness of level designers rather then the limiting of weapons. As long as its done right and it makes sense in the game there is nothing wrong with limiting weapons, just like there is nothing wrong with allowing a character to carry as many weapons as there are in the game. Limiting weapons tends to be a easy way to add "depth" to a game by giving the player a shallow choice randomly threw out the game that either have a really obvious correct answer ("I know I'm about to fight a giant alien super tank, but should I drop my peashooter for this rocket launcher?") or change the games play rather then the games flow (it doesn't matter whether your shooting, burning, stabbing or blowing a minion up, your still just killing it). Not limiting a characters weapon carrying capacities leads to problems with hording ammo for hard fights (which is a valid way to kill a boss, but standing around a corner and throwing those 50 grenades you saved up to kill that boss that is rooted in place is obviously not what the designers had in mind when they designed that fight), also, as you said before, it doesn't make sense in the context of most games ("sure you may be able to bench 600 pounds, but can you carry it well running at a brisk pace, firing from the hip with a double barrel shotgun and punching zombies in the face?"). As I said earlier no single system is the best, it all comes down to whether or not it is implemented correctly. It also doesn't hurt if the game doesn't suck as well.
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