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  1. @cry tears: Thanks for the nice words, very kind! @hustlerinc: Actually it is supposed to be that way. After the talk you should be brought to that window, which oddly didn't work in your case for some unknown reason. I'll look into that, I doubt I'll find anything though.
  2. Guys - this is great! Thanks a 1000 times for the super feedback! I haven't heard yet that the registration system is so buggy. I've played with the thought of removing it completely, I guess I'm gonna do this now! The feedback "where is my character" blew my mind oO Actually it's so obvious that people have no clue who of all the people is their character! (That's what I mean with " [background=rgb(250, 251, 252)]as a dev, being so closely bound to the game, you can have a hard time finding issues that other players struggle with" ^^)[/background] [color=#282828][font=helvetica, arial, verdana, tahoma, sans-serif][background=rgb(250, 251, 252)]A Skip button is probably a good idea. Yet the game is very story based, and I've left out popular things like yellow exclamation and question marks, big arrows pointing your way or quest logs, therefore I doubt a player who doesn't like story would stay much longer. But it won't hurt, so that skip button's definitely be coming![/background][/font] [color=#282828][font=helvetica, arial, verdana, tahoma, sans-serif][background=rgb(250, 251, 252)]Thanks again guys for this feedback, that's wonderful![/background][/font] EDIT: I already removed the registration in a 1 hour rambo action ^^
  3. Thanks for all the messages and pms! @Stormynature: Thanks for the numbers, yet these are rather statistics about the player base than the player retention (I know, you said so). I got a pm where someone indicated a place where I could exchange statistics with other free to play game owners - I'll write it down here if I figured out any further information. It can ofc be that you're right @ShawnCowles: A great feedback, thanks! We've already talked in the game, and I explained to you that as a dev, being so closely bound to the game, you can have a hard time finding issues (especially in the UI) that other players struggle with. Feedback & ideas like yours help me creating a better user experience, and maybe improve user retention as well - many thanks!
  4. I haven't found a "usual" rate particularly for free-to-play games, yet e.g. Twitter has a user retention rate of 40% and is considered low (while this one's measured by people returning the month after registration). And since reading the advert, clicking the link and registering with your email on the web site are quite a lot of steps already I consider 22% of the players staying a bit longer as bad or low...
  5. We're talking about a fantasy rpg, a still very popular setting these days. In the past two months we've made several improvements to the early game experience, attempting to allow diving right into the game world. Yet still our user retention rate remains low - I have no clue why. I don't want to lose many more words about it but rather encourage you to take the opportunity and play the game Cohorts of Kargonar for a few minutes - and of course tell me your opinion. I utterly appreciate any feedback, especially since I barely have any ideas about the cause of this problem. The 22% are the amount of users who have played the game for an hour or more. Thanks for your help! PS: My only guess that remains so far is that today people are more used to games with a lot of action, and my game is more about story. Tbh I have no clue if this point is valid.
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