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  1. silsilay thor gei sub hy wo jatay jatay warna itnay to marasim the kay atay jatay
  2. ShahidAli

    id tech 3 game engine?

    yes i got ioq3 source code and i compile it with visual studio 2008 as the directions were given,,,,,there are 5 projects in the ioq3 solution,the cgame,game,q3_ui,quake3 and ui. the visual studio builds 3 projects but it fails the quake3 and ui project...i have searched hard over internet and i came to know that the failure of ui project is normal but i haven't seen anyone whose quake3 project is failing...the output from the build log of my qauke3 project which i am compiling as release win32 is given below [font="monospace"] Linking...LINK : warning LNK4199: /DELAYLOAD:OleAcc.dll ignored; no imports found from OleAcc.dllcommon.obj : [/font] [font="monospace"]error LNK2019: [/font][font="monospace"]unresolved external symbol _qvmftolx87 referenced in function _Com_DetectSSEcommon.obj[/font] [font="monospace"] : error LNK2019: unresolved external symbol _qftolx87 referenced in function _Com_DetectSSEcommon.obj [/font] [font="monospace"]: error LNK2019: unresolved external symbol _qvmftolsse referenced in function _Com_DetectSSEcommon.obj :[/font] [font="monospace"] error LNK2019: unresolved external symbol _qftolsse referenced in function _Com_DetectSSEcommon.obj : [/font] [font="monospace"]error LNK2019: unresolved external symbol _qsnapvectorx87 referenced in function _Com_DetectSSEcommon.obj : [/font] [font="monospace"]error LNK2019: unresolved external symbol _qsnapvectorsse referenced in function _Com_DetectSSE..\..\build\quake3_release\ioquake3.exe : fatal error LNK1120: 6 unresolved externals[/font] [font="monospace"]\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\[/font] [font="monospace"]MY PROBLEM[/font] [font="monospace"]The symbols which can not be recognize by the linker are actually functions that are coded in assembly...and i know where to find definition and header files for these..but firstly i don't know how to add assembly files to projects will they be linked as normal headers and library files or they need somewhat different approach??? and second what am i doing wrong????because no one seem to be facing this problem...it could be a very basic silly mistake,but i can't figure it out.. [/font]
  3. ShahidAli

    id tech 3 game engine?

    problem compiling ioq3 source with visual studio 2008 help needed.......wheh i try to compile the code of the solution the cgame project does get compile but after that the visual studio brings up a dialogue box....which says "Please specify the name of the executable file to be used for the debug session".......but i i am compiling the source as release win32.......will someone help me what is wrong????
  4. ShahidAli

    id tech 3 game engine?

    i have found a book named (focus on game mod programming in quake 3 arena written by Shawn Holmes).that is very helping book on the id tech 3 game engine and moding...so both of you guys suggestions were great and now i know what to do.thanks a lot
  5. ShahidAli

    id tech 3 game engine?

    thanks for your experienced suggestions and i see no problem with what darkly dreaming is suggesting but i was a little confused now that confusion is out of the way as i am gaining more and more knowledge on this topic from you two and around the internet.i have started to learn modding and that is giving me a feel of how games are actually made but at the same time i haven't stop reading the red book and compiling its examples because i think its not bad if i learn both the API of my choice and game making...
  6. ShahidAli

    id tech 3 game engine?

    right now i am a little confused that what should i do either i should try out the commercial game code for learning, would it not be a little difficult for me or i should try out the opengl api's in any general problem for learning opengl and after that game programming...i think the suggestions of you both are contradicting..or it seems to me as if they are contradicting and they are not actually..what do you two experienced guys say about it..
  7. ShahidAli

    id tech 3 game engine?

    i like your suggestion it was a helping one.thank you very much
  8. ShahidAli

    id tech 3 game engine?

    first of all...thank you..the way you clear all the things was just perfect..and yes i want to concentrate on opengl right now,,in the future yes but not now...and i am a hobbyist programmer of C/C++ for almost ten years but i came to know abt the graphics api's a year ago since then i am trying on opengl.and i understand the code examples of the red book easily..what will you suggest to me,,, reading the red book understanding it and compiling the code examples is good enough to learn opengl?????
  9. well guys i am a kind of new to posting a qustion in a form and sorry if it is wrong section for this topic.my question is i have searched the id tech 3 engine hard but could not found it.?? and is it based of opengl api's for rendering? and can i gain experience if i used it as i have a basic knowledge of opengl and i can not do a great deal in opengl but i want to learn opengl because i love it.so...will id tech 3 game engine help me understand how a 3d game is made with the help of opengl?i have red book thats great but that teaches you opengl not game programming....
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