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  1. I downloaded it,  ran it,  and it froze completely so i had to eventually restart my computer.
  2. DanielKanarski

    I want to make a multiplayer game

    Do i have to do everything on a notepad with PHP or is there softwere which helps me write scripts and sort them?
  3. DanielKanarski

    I want to make a multiplayer game

    I'd like to make a game that has a database stored on a server, which records and alters all player account information. I didn't think gamemaker could make things like accounts or keep track of things while the exe is closed.
  4. DanielKanarski

    I want to make a multiplayer game

    how did you learn flash?
  5. Hello everyone, this will be my first post. Right now I use GameMaker8 to make simple one player games. I've read slightly about .PHP, but I can't find a program that will help me organize and create scripts and PHP programs. What I'd like to know is how can I make a multi player game with lots of regestered users and a time system that effects everyone's variables? I don't want to have to 10001011010011 code it like a machine. I like GameMaker's interface because you can sort the codes and run tests and report errors. I don't know where to go to make a game that is more advanced and has its own web components like a user database.
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