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  1. initial_y

    QT and direct input?

    yes, I think its better not use dinput mouse/keyboard in QT. I can successfully acquire the device just after the widget shown, but after the window minimized and maxmized it lost again.
  2. Anyone successfully use direct input in QT? I tried create an mouse/keyboard device. it failed to acquire and return DIERR_OTHERAPPHASPRIO. are there any way to gain access the input device?
  3. just as the subject title say. For example, a sprite move with speed of 30 pixel per second look smooth. But with 3 pixel per second, it looks too jerky to accept. I have no idea about settle this problem or is this the limit of sprite ?
  4. initial_y

    The use of operator "new" ?

    thanks, I am clear now :)
  5. I saw some code in a template class : ::new (&m_pData[nIndex]) TYPE ; is this mean : &m_pData[nIndex] = ::new TYPE ;
  6. initial_y

    what Mesh Viewer does ?

    I think the key is DrawSubset() method. but... Is there a way to know the internal workings of DrawSubset (for meshes)? Is there source code available of this method? I would like to know what settings to the render pipeline it does. For example, if I set a vertex shader, does DrawSubset render with this shader or does it use it's own.
  7. For the same mesh object, Mesh Viewer always have better image quality than my program. I don't know what it does. My program use default shader of D3D. I want to know what Mesh Viewer use or whatever it dose.:(
  8. initial_y

    SetStreamSource() twice

    thank your for the replies. I got some useful information. I never thought about the driver. I think it is reliable to add test code above you gave.
  9. initial_y

    SetStreamSource() twice

    because I let my MODEL class render itself, but it does not know if previous MODEL use the same vb. like this : mymodel::render () { ... SetStreamSource( this.vb ); ... DrawPrimitive(); } main () { ... model1.render(); model2.render(); } I know I can render one vb then another. I just wonder if it is possible. if it is , I will use my current design.if not, then I will change my design.
  10. If I call SetStreamSource() twice and bind the same vb. If the second call just be ignored and cost no CPU ?
  11. How to deduce how far the mouse has actual rolled so that I can determine the cursor's movement. I don't find the unit length of movement of the axis. The unit is "1", but how far "1" is ?
  12. I try to implement simultaneity sound play(the same sound) with DXmusic,but when I start the second play ,the first will be stoped. whth DXsound the second play will be ignored if the first is in playing.:( I didn't try with streaming sound.
  13. I just wonder that how to implement multiple inheritance in c? although I don't intend to implement it actually.
  14. oh,thanks. the world is small.
  15. I want to konw the information about the video memory. Include the amount of video card memory,currently free video card memory and the same thing of local video memory and non-local video memory. the only function I know is GetAvailableTextureMem(),but I want to get more information.
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