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    Looking For Engine Examples

    Nope, but I'll take a look at that. Thanks. I suppose that's true. I'll have to see about buying one of those. Which one would you recommend purchasing first?
  2. TheLifelessOne

    Looking For Engine Examples

    I've had a look at Orge, but it was my understanding that it only handles the rending if the graphics, and is not a full engine itself. I'm mostly looking for examples of source file structures, techniques on various aspects of a game (window / state management, networking, etc), and example rendering code using pure OpenGL 2.1 shaders (no SDL, SFML, Orge, etc).
  3. TheLifelessOne

    Looking For Engine Examples

    Does anyone know of any open-source game engines I can use as an example? I'd like to study as many as possible to see common practices and techniques. Thanks.
  4. TheLifelessOne

    [web] Verlet Water in HTML5

    You might have better performance if you used requestAnimationFrame. Also, you might want to look into using an canvas animation library. They are usually much more optimized than what is normally hand-written (not saying your code is bad), and they provide a lot of objects that will allow you to do the same thing in less time, and usually more efficiently. Only libraries I know off the top of my head are Processing.js and Three.js, though I'm sure a great many more exist.
  5. TheLifelessOne

    [web] PHP Framework

    If I understand you correctly, then yes, as long as they don't collide namespaces.
  6. TheLifelessOne

    [web] Moving object with Javascript

    You shouldn't pass strings. I remember reading somewhere that they are eval'd, and this can cause security problems. It's better to pass an anonymous function: setTimeout(function() { slideOverImage(id); }, 90); It's easier to read, to work with, and is overall good practice (also, why are you putting the integer in a string? 'Tis not needed.).
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