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  1. Such a tune, brings back memories. http://t.co/iTUbNyP #SWIV
  2. Harpsichord = Underrated.
  3. Expanding the studio - Finally have adequate memory to cope with the samples/fx libraries.
  4. If you're interested in games and/or making games then head over to Scirra.com now! @Scirra
  5. I posted a new photo to Facebook http://t.co/1OrYJ9b
  6. Check out my portfolio of music. Thanks. http://fb.me/ZgP8DszB
  7. Keeping busy with several projects - stay tuned for more info!
  8. Hi guys, Just created a new portfolio website - was wondering if you guys could give me feedback on the audio & video that is on there... all comments welcome. http://mattoglesby.blog.com Thanks guys, Matt
  9. 'Electronic' now available on SoundCloud and mattoglesby.blog.com on #SoundCloud http://snd.sc/iV1A11
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