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  1. I haven't done this in forever but I kinda wan't to pick it back up again. Before I stopped I had made a few arcade games with SDL and started to figure my way around OpenGL. It's weird now and feels different from when I first started but its the only thing I didn't suck at completely so any tips or exercises for this kind of thing to help brush the dust off. I used to be so full of ideas and such now not so much since I don't see it the same anymore.
  2. Error PRJ0002

    Quote:Original post by Mastaba Quote:Original post by Ced1 P.S.: When did 'main' get replaced with '_tmain' ? When microsoft decided to include tchar.h by default. Makes it easier to write UTF-16 compatible code. OK, I'm assuming that is to do with unicode/charset stuff heh.
  3. Error PRJ0002

    I got .NET 2 installed. It is definately confusing, but I think I'll let it alone and work with Csharp for now. Much appreciated though dbzprogrammer ^^
  4. Error PRJ0002

    OK, it seems any program I try to compile fails. I made a simple 'hello world' project and I get the same result. I figure it has to be some sort of configuration problem on my part, but I dont know where to start. Nobody has had a similar problem? TIA, Ced
  5. I just installed the new VC++ Express 2 days ago and to test it with SDL I made a simple project(just makes a blue window). The project compiles but it wont build because of a strange error. This is part of the output: Linking... Embedding manifest... Project : error PRJ0002 : Error result 1 returned from 'C:\WINDOWS\system32\cmd.exe'. I really dont get what is happening, or going wrong rather. The truth is I have no idea what a manifest is but this seems to be where its having a problem. I actually turned off "Generate Manifest" in the project options and the error went away but of course the program would not run. I've done some google'ing but I cant find out how to fix it. Anybody else have this problem? TIA, Ced P.S.: When did 'main' get replaced with '_tmain' ?
  6. C++ lessons for beginners here

    I dunno, a little too much information in that first tutorial I think. Strings and branching and things like that make the program difficult to dissect, hope you're revising it now. Good luck =) And no I am not dead.
  7. Quote:Original post by Rob Loach Well, what are you trying to do with the XML? If you're looking for configuration files, .NET has a very nice AppSettings class that will handle the config for your application. There's a nice wrapper for it here. Haha I didn't say did I, wanted to do config and more-so learn to write a schema and parse it with the classes in the System.Xml namespace. More specifically I'm porting an old program of mine used to change wallpapers, and save your favorite ones and stuff. I want to write out the favorite wallpapers(into categories if the user desires) along with display preferences(stretched, centered, etc.) to an XML file and be able read em back.
  8. OH MY! Erm. A few question, first the easy one, where is a good place to learn about parsing XML files in C# ? Just cant seem to get the hang of it on my own, a few good XML tutorial resources would be nice too, I'm only a little familiar with the markup and I dont know much about DTDs or Schemas. Next one(Totally OT) is about loading standard buttons and Icons (like in shell32.dll) using C#. I figured there must be some specific IDs or something(like IDI_WINLOGO, or the normal folder/open/save icons on toolbars) for loading standard buttons and icons in Win32 that I could use to import into C#. I hope you understand what I mean, just say so if I need to try and make myself clearer. Thanks, Ced
  9. Haha, thanks, I dont know why MS doesn't mention that, I was installing the Platform SDK following the instructions from the help. Thanks though I wouldn't have guessed that :D
  10. I dont get why that would happen, its a simple config operation, why would it break ='(
  11. For some reason I cant add include/lib directories to VC++ Express, I go to Tools->Options->Projects and Solutions->VC++ Directories and I see this: Thats all, what dumb thing am I missing.
  12. Sleep Paralysis-OOBE

    I never feel anything evil close to me, but most of the time I do hear stuff I usually interpret to be the television but its usually fabricated stuff(from my mind I guess), other times it might be loosely based on whats happening around me like I cant move but I can see and hear things and when I wake up what I saw or heard might not have happened exactly but whatever was playing in my head might actually be on the tube. What I also hate is usually I cant breathe to well so I what I feel is imminent suffocation, sometime I feel I can move but VERY barely enough to be noticible or do anything.
  13. Sleep Paralysis-OOBE

    If you can avoid sleep paralysis do so, I used to have it happen to me ALOT and I hate it, still does sometimes :cry:
  14. Big Memory Problems

    Thanks for the tips gumpy I'll be sure to do all that. I'll defrag tonite before I go to sleep.
  15. Big Memory Problems

    Quote:Original post by Hedos Yeah, you guys exaggerate, I ran Windows XP with 128mb memory for a while without problems. (Trying to use something RAM intensive on it such as a game was another matter though!) Well believe me when I say I'm definately not as lucky. Sometimes I can see context menus being drawn.