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  1. Mr-JasonReynolds

    Where did you learn?

    Just a general question, Where did all of you guys learn what you do now = Coding/Modeling/Mapping Ect.... Please provide a link.
  2. Mr-JasonReynolds

    Decision An old school 2D or Up to date 3D?

    Thankyou all for your comments, It is appreciated Loads. What me and my friend have said was if we do the "2D" version of the game, to realise if like "RuneScape" did, Rubbish one at first then change and jingle the storyline like add it on then go to the 3d one. Any time consuming doesn't really bother me, Just he complains due to "Going to college" says he will be tired a lot >_> go figure lol Anyway thankyou all once again! And keep them coming
  3. Hey everyone, First post here. Me and a friend have made a company called And we are having a debate on what to have our game as I say 3D and he says Old School 2D then upgrade it to 3D. Any comments/Suggestions on this ?
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