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    real names

    Not necessarily. If you use a brand name in an innocuous manner, the brand owner might not care. If you have a brand name being used in crimes, then the brand owner wouldn't like that. You should ask your lawyer before doing something like that. As was said in another thread here yesterday, a little lawyer expense now can save you a lot of lawyer expense later. [/quote] uhm based on the game story from the perspective of people it might be considered a crime the entire game could be banned because it's an instigation to computer crimes. thank you everyone for your reply to this post.
  2. BogdanOlteanu

    real names

    You need permission to use other companies trademarks. (This may or may not cost money depending on the company, you might even get payed to include some products in your game if you play your cards right) [/quote] so for everything real / belongs to someone i have to send them an e-mail and beg for their approvement )
  3. BogdanOlteanu

    real names

    Hello, i have a simple question almost stupid but i still need an opinion. Are we alloed to use public names inside a game even if the story line is fiction ex: Ace Hardware[font=sans-serif][size=2], Activision Blizzard, Advance auto parts etc [/font]? And what about computer parts same question real names specs everything. thank you for your time and patience
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