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  1. ToniKorpela

    HTML proper redirection status code?

    3xx codes refer to redirection. 303 "see other" means that the response to request can be found in different URI and should be retrieved with the GET method. Though some older browsers might not support 303, then you should use 302 "found".
  2. ToniKorpela

    Leaking memory.

    Hodgman thanks for the information, I knew the brain is a muscle, but not that I could train my memory. Kuramayoko10 I have talked to a doctor about this stuff, but the one was an idiot and pretty much did not believe anything was wrong, but now I have been trying to get sent to another doctor.
  3. ToniKorpela

    Leaking memory.

    Yeah, though i would gladly mindwipe some memories I do not want to remember. =)
  4. ToniKorpela

    Leaking memory.

    How do you deal with your bad memory? Personally I have so bad memory that I need to daily check same stuff from wiki or some other documentation. I keep forgetting words and if I remember the word I might not remember how to spell it. I do not remember peoples names unless I see the name daily, Facebook helps with this. I barely remember anyone's face without actually seeing their face and sometimes even then the person might feel like total stranger. I barely remember events from the past correctly. For example I forgot that Finland president changed until I remembered to check who won the selection. I forgot that Finland won MM ice hockey gold last year and I still need to ask my friend was it last year or when. When I am drinking in the city pretty much every time someone comes to me and say hello to me and I do not have any idea who they are even though they seem to know me. It is absolutely fucking annoying when you try to say something and in the middle of the sentence I go, "What the fuck was the word?" This becomes really time consuming with programming when I have to keep checking function names and parameters from documentation or earlier code.
  5. ToniKorpela

    Need a extra help with your coding?

    Tordin this is really nice. I have myself been and will be mentoring total newbies how to actually write code. Some of them have been on a programming course and some have not. Some of them have become actually pretty good and some have lost their interest as programming was so hard. Though next I will be taking those people under me who do not have the motivation or brains to do programming, because those who have the motivation and know how will learn it some way themselves. I can only say that programming should be taught by master instead of learning alone from a website.
  6. ToniKorpela

    Contract Programming Work advice?

    You could just use Google to find freelancing sites. For example http://www.odesk.com
  7. ToniKorpela

    Income distribution in independent team

    I would track everyone's working hours. Pay them every month if I have the cash. If I do not have the cash to pay the team every month I would create agreement with them to pay after the game does some actual profit. The agreement would go something like this. Team member gets paid percentage of the net income of the game until something like 600,000 and the percentage is equal to the team members working hours percentage of the whole teams working hours. So if I had 5 team members who worked together for 9,600 hours. One guy worked 1,200 hours. This guy would get 12.5% of the net income cash until something like 600,000 dollars. Which is actually 75,000 for the guy. Now another guy worked 2,240 hours so 23.3% of 600,000 is 139,800 dollars for him. This to me seems quite equal to me. Though you can always go the way of the royalties and pay something for each asset of the game to those who created them, but with royalties you have to pay them as long as you keep selling the game and new update additions to your game would not bring any more money to your company.
  8. ToniKorpela

    What was your path?

    I got my first computer when I was five. I broke it and the next day I fixed it. I was sold on how magical the thing was. Later in the same year I got dial-up connection and laptop running win 95. I still have it. With dialup I went surfing the first websites I could find and noticed the view source button, which was my first finding of what software actually is. The funny thing is I still could not read yet, but i was trying out what happens if If i do this or if i do that. After that I have tried out many languages and found what I like and dislike.
  9. ToniKorpela

    Help! I'm trying to make a game.

    You are currently 13. So I will tell you why I think you should master C++ in the next 5 to 7 years. It might not stay the industry standard that long, but learn it still because it is a language which teaches memory management and pointers which some other languages hide. After you have learned the c++ language you should learn application programming interfaces like OpenGL, OpenAL TCP/UDP sockets and some higher level like Ogre3D, SDL, glfw, etc. Once you are comfortable programming with c++ you can quite easily pick up other languages. You have lots of time on your hands you can use to become great programmer and before you need to support yourself. Use this time well and you can build your indie game business already at 16 to 18, but still remember to hang out with your friends so you wont become unsocial like me, because you really most likely will not need to start your business until you are over twenty. I remind you that knowing a programming language is not enough to create the next best seller.
  10. 8,30€ tuli 1+2 eurojackpotista. Silti hävisin 1.70€.
  11. ToniKorpela

    Tablet for note Taking

    I do not see how tablets are meant only for consumption, because I am writing this post with my tablet. FreeNote app for example is not meant for consumption, but for note production and it allows moving the notes to other places where you can consume them. Of course there exists ton of applications for tablets which are for consumption, but also tools like FTP, text editors. I love how I can use Google drive to write documents on my tablet and discuss with my friends on skype.
  12. ToniKorpela

    Tablet for note Taking

    I love using my Samsung galaxy tab 2 7.0" with stylus. One of the coolest applications I have found for taking notes is FreeNote. Freenote lets you write with your finger or stylus, but also gives keyboard if you want. The notes can be easily shared to places like Facebook and Twitter as images. The only reason I bought this tablet is for taking notes at my lessons, because my netbooks battery is not long enough and typing some notes or drawing with the touchpad can be annoying. Why I usually opted to use paper for noting, but now I can write on the tablet and later print my notes if I want to.
  13. ToniKorpela

    What are the downsides to using Unity?

    I will not delve into the downsides of Unity, because I do not know much about it. Then again if you want to do 2D game similar to Pokemon you can use Java as you seem to know the language already. Java has some nifty frameworks for building games. For example few years ago I was part of one of those Pokemon Clone MMORPG projects. We used Java for programming with Slick 2D game library for graphics and tiled to build the maps. We also used Apache Mina for networking. We actually got so popular that Nintendo shut us down. There exists ton of tools to use with many programming languages to create games. Build something with existing tools and if you really want later replace them with your own code. PS. Estabon you really are not helping at all. I agree with you that mastering requires lower level knowledge, but building game from scratch is huge task and reinvents the wheel. By using an existing game framework you will find out what lower level libraries games require. This saves time, because instead of first reading ton of books to gather the knowledge to build your engine you can just focus on building your game.
  14. Note to self: Don't think about writing code with a headache, you will most likely have to rewrite all of it the next day.
  15. Tässä pari päivää miettinyt, että pitäisiköhän alkaa pitämään monia kopioita mun koodistani. Oon tässä vuosien aikana hukannut monta projektiani ja kirjottanut muutaman kirjaston uudestaan enemmän kuin kolme kertaa. Yksi projekti mulla on tallessa vuosien takaa, mutta sekin vain koska se oli lopputyö kun valmistuin datanomiksi ja oli pakko polttaa pari kopiota cd-levyille. Mutta kuka jaksaa polttaa jokapäivä tiedostot levylle tai kopioida ne tikulle. En myöskään suostu lykkäämään niitä dro...
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