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  1. Haikarainen

    Critters - Development log

      Thank you!
  2. Haikarainen

    Critters - Development log

    Hey people! I thought I'd share my development log for my game called Critters. It's a tower defense game primarily being developed for SteamOS/Linux, but a port to windows is also being worked on. I will update this thread every time I update the log, with a small excerpt and a link. First entry here: http://www.fredrikhaikarainen.se/dev...-introduction/ Second entry here: http://www.fredrikhaikarainen.se/devlog-entry-002-shading-tweaks-lut-based-color-grading-and-ui-work/   UPDATE: New third entry: http://www.fredrikhaikarainen.se/devlog-entry-003-realtime-shadows-bloom-mortar-turret/   Cheers!
  3. Haikarainen

    Critters - Development log

    New entry! http://www.fredrikhaikarainen.se/devlog-entry-003-realtime-shadows-bloom-mortar-turret/ New stuff: x Realtime shadows x Advanced bloom x Mortar turret
  4. Haikarainen

    Critters - Development log

    New entry! http://www.fredrikhaikarainen.se/devlog-entry-002-shading-tweaks-lut-based-color-grading-and-ui-work/ I have implemented color grading, tweaked my shading/lighting and SSAO, and started implementing a user interface!
  5. Haikarainen

    Critters - Development log

      I did not, I am however very pleased with my wordpress setup (custom bones theme I wrote, with custom plugins as well), as I also use it outside of this devlog.   Please reply back when you've read it! :)
  6. Haikarainen


    Thanks. I'd love to hear some ideas and criticism about this.
  7. Haikarainen


    This is my first post here at gd, and I would like to introduce myself with a project i've released recently, called SFMLUploads.org . It's aimed at developers using the SFML library, and it's main purpose is to serve those users with bandwith for: Project archives, allowed extensions are: .rar, .zip, .tar, .tar.gz, .tgz, .deb, .rpm, .7z, .xz, and .ace.Codesnippets, syntaxhighlighted code with support for 100+ languages, "fork"-able, meaning users can create other versions of it. Useful with debugging etc. Kind of like pastebin.Screenshots/images, allowed extensions are .jpg, .jpeg and .png. Primarily for screenshots, but other picture are allowed as well. Only rules are; It HAS to have something to do with SFML, either if it's for a forumpost where you seek help for debugging a problem related to/wich uses SFML, or if it's downloadlinks for your awesome game on your personal blog or something. Just remember; It has to use SFML, help SFML, <insertwordhere> SFML. Thank you.
  8. Haikarainen


    It all started when i got tired of all megaupload links, with the wait, the ads etc. that was flooding sfml's official forums, so i wanted to create an alternative. I dont have too much juice on my server, and so it all just ended up being a "tool" for sfmlusers. Sure people could use mediafire or some other good alternative, but most of the times people arent aware of less painintheass uploadservices. SFML is also, in my point of view, a huge contribution to indy game development, so why not extend their community with a dedicated, adfree, uploadtool for both archives, screenshots and codesnippets a la pastebin? I sure as hell would appreciate it, and hopefully i dont ever have to wait 60 seconds, enter a captcha, with a speed of 100kbps, to download an sfmlproject again.
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