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  1. I apologize for my naive question. I was hoping to get some information concerning that. Remember the NEO-GEO roms? Is there any possibility to "hack" and work with the code and mess with the graphics or the whole game rules? Thank you.     
  2. (sorry, the only spear time I currently got is in between breaks at work) will do a better search in forums thank you.
  3. I was wondering if any of you happened to have any experience "modding" a NEO-RAGE X emulator .rom. I read in the wiki about expanding a rom, here's the paragraph:   [Generally speaking, a ROM hacker cannot add content to a game, but merely change existing content. This limit can be overcome through ROM expansion, whereby the total size of the ROM image is increased, making room for more content and a larger game. The difficulty in doing this varies depending on the system for which the game was made. For example, expanding an NES ROM may be difficult or even impossible due to the mapper used by the game. For example, if a mapper allows 16 ROM banks and all of them are used, expanding the ROM further is impossible without somehow converting the game to another mapper, which could be easy or extremely difficult. On the other hand, expanding a Super NES game is (relatively) straightforward. To utilize the added space, parts of the game code have to be modified or re-written (see Assembly hacking above) so the game knows where to look. Another type of ROM expansion that is fairly easy is Game Boy Advance ROMs. The ROMs themselves are generally small, but the memory space available sometimes exceeds it by multiples of up to 17.]   Does this apply to NEO-GEO roms too? I need to add content...
  4. In order to conclude my own topic so I leave it be somewhat useful to anyone who searches for .rom "hacking" or "modding" I include the links to the info I was able to gather in my google search. MUGEN is something I had totally forgot about. Years back when I was following their updates, I seem to lost track of their works, maybe because Elecbyte withdrew, I don't recall. So, MUGEN is absolutely a good choice for me, thank you. I still got some questions though concerning MUGEN, like if it could be possible to add ranking boards or point award systems. To anyone who can answer me this, it would be better to contact me through personal message as we're getting out of topic if we talk about it here. Thanks again for the support!   http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ROM_hacking http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/M.U.G.E.N
  5. Jimakoma

    What's the true worth of an initial game idea?

       Hello everyone, please excuse my poor English & naive character      I must say I was intrigued by this conversation. You see people consider me an artist, as I'm part of a rock band that's started back in 1995 and I happen to write both the music and the lyrics of our songs. I just felt like sharing with you my thoughts on that. If we seek to answer the question "can a game be considered art?", we must first answer the question "what is art?". As I perceive it through my years of observation to all forms of art but mainly music, art started out as the initial wish of man towards self awareness. The tendency to reveal and embrace universal or fundamental truths of once existence. Now, unfortunately or fortunately art in our days is more of entertainment than of a quest towards revelation. Some people perceive art only as craft, like the fact that someone painted a painting with those specific brush strokes or someone played the guitar by doing awesome "tapping" for X seconds and say: "what an artist". Bottom line is that since we people think subjectively, we won't agree unanimously to what art is. As for me I choose to believe that art should be an expression of once strive for self awareness and redemption because I want to place art as a sacred expression for the person who performs it. Craft is just the practical part of it and something you need to do at least pretty well in order to have a beautiful outcome.      Now, the video gaming industry, from day one was all about entertainment. So, no matter how many years I've spent playing video games, I must say that I had to deal with the conclusion that in the end, video games tented to act as drag in my life.   Now, if art is a craft then video games are art If art is entertainment then video games are also art If art is a journey to self awareness then video games are not art      As for the "idea guy", I believe that the fact that most of the people have ideas that they think are great but actually isn't or have a general idea and nothing more, gave the "idea guy" the bad reputation he/she bares today. I consider myself to be an "idea guy hybrid" if you allow me to invent the title, because at least I've written down every single detail of my game (points, awards, rounds and penalties algorithms) starting small for an expansion on a title that had some hardcore fans and tested it for two years in order to see the flaws and fix it till it's viable. I say this in order to try and save me being "word punched" to death after I press "post"!         
  6. I will google it further more, thank you very much. I wanted to "modify" the rom in order to make some sort of expansion of an old SNK video game series called Samurai Showdown. I need to provide them with a demo and I'm trying to find a way to do it without starting from scratch.   What if I do it in order to just do a proposition to SNK of reviving the title? Not that they would reply to my call for contact but assuming I had a developer representative like John Cook from Bad management, who's willing to review my work and he approved it and decided to be my frond man. Is it still illegal?   Thank you for replying in such sort notice  
  7. Jimakoma

    User Created Quests

    Answer 1a: A player must be limited to receive quests from one guild master (at least this is how we should start it in order to control the outcome and draw the right conclusions) A player must review the realm guilds to see what looks more interesting according to his taste and join to live the unique indeed experience! Answer 2a: A guild master can follow the quests he has designed but I think it will be sort of a spoiler for him having set the rewards himself and all. Although leveling up your character on quests that somewhat form your characters background story and RPing while doing them sounds awesome. Another good thing is that the person who wants to become a guild master will have to think twice (always talking about an RP guild in an RP realm). This is good in my opinion since people who become guild masters will be more responsible, forming a great RP environment and a great realm to play in! Answer 3: This is a good point there! My 1a answer eliminates that possibility though. Yet you still got a good point concerning the 4 quests yielding 2, 400 xp. Limitation in the quest editor is the answer. A guild master creates a quest with giant spider? Fine, but it will be either to achieve 5/5 giant spider kills or collect 5/5 spider threads etc. He will not be allowed to have a quest about giant spider kills and another quest about collecting spider threads 5/5. Another method that leads into balanced gameplay, would be to have those two quests (spider threads and spider kills) allowed but to be broken down with another quest in between. We as developers, despite the fact that we need to create great graphics and stories, need to lead the players into creative and constructive gameplay. Lets do it! Lets push players towards that direction. Make addictive games but let them be as creative as possible, keep their mind sharp! P.S I must insist and say again that "player created quests" must be applied in an RP server or a strictly RP game.
  8. Jimakoma

    User Created Quests

    I happen to lead a WoW RP guild on Sporeggar server for 2 years and I'm deeply convinced that MMOG need to step up to the next level, I believe the whole gaming industry needs a head turn actually but lets stick to the point of this conversation which is of course player created quests! The idea sounds amazing for me and I believe it's doable! Here is how: 1. FIRST RELEASE As everything in life must progress from point a to point b to point c etc in order to be controllable and easy to follow its progress, same must go for the "player created quests". This means that at first this privilege must be given to as few people in game as possible. 2. THE GUILD MASTER Everyone has a guild these days it's true but, lets just give "player created quest" ability to the guild masters of a Role playing realm in a game like WoW just to set an example! The guild master of an RP guild follows 2 basic things: a. His character scenario line b. Guild's scenario line Now we assume there will be an in game quest editor or interface of some sort. This editor must include: a. Specify quest level (You create a lvl 5 quest better suited to lvl 5 players etc) b. Drop down menu with areas of operation (Elwynn forest f.e.) c. Drop down menu with the "character" of the quest (Will it be gathering? killing? both? other kind?) d. Drop down menu with the mobs of that area (wolf, spider etc) e. Loot target if any (teeth, leather, random items) It can go far more complicated like adding interactive elements like a guard that shouts a specific phrase when you go to X spot etc but I believe it's irrelevant to go that way at this point. 3. DEALING XP Since the guild master creates a lvl 5 quest, the algorithm of the "player quest editor" will set a fix value that equals to that quest lvl. So we have a lvl X player doing a lvl 5 quest granting him a prefix 100 xp points. Giving utter control to a player over XP or items will result to a disaster! We people luck self control and this is an issue that needs conversation in another forum... 4. DEALING ITEM REWARDS Just like XP same goes for item rewards. A lvl 5 quest will have a prefix variety of items for the guild master to choose. Those items could be also editable but in such way that the attributes would keep a certain power and not exceed their current lvl power. 5. ROLE PLAYING SERVER PRIVILEGE (at least for starters) I focus in RP realms because of the story behind each player & guild. So, a player entering a realm has 3 options: a. Go the standard way: NPC quests - raiding - PvPing (go independent) b. Create a guild c. Join a guild Following rout a. will have him lvl up like everybody else, creating a guild will put him more into a position to mostly entertain others while joining a guild will allow him to experience an almost unique way of lvling up! And this is something that people usually like: go down a path that others have not. Imagine doing a quest based on an RP guild event. This event will be one time only! Makes the player that participates in it feel unique! "Player created quests" need to be supported by other things as well in order to become viable and worth living but the most important thing is what some of you mentioned above: The player behind quest editor. Does he have the time and enthusiasm to be creative and constructive? Does he even have the time? I see people don't give a dime about what quest story say, they only click accept quest and go for XP. This can change in a good RP realm for once. Anyhow, I have 3 kids and doing 2 jobs to make it through. I mostly reply from my cellphone while at work during break time. I still believe it's doable but we need to make an effort and get it rolling, start testing it and see what other aspects need fixing as well as what problems will rise. Putting it to the test gives the best results. Theory is good to start with but will never get you to completion.
  9. Jimakoma

    User Created Quests

    Had the same idea too must confess. You really took it to the next lvl though. I believe it has potential but maybe if put in the "right" environment. I think player created quests could apply better in an RP server (RP-pvp etc speaking of WoW). Roleplaying a character or leading an RP guild as a guildmaster will put those quests to follow the character's and guild's scenario line! People will respect, embrace and follow them better as Roleplayers. Unfortunately we people luck the education or better yet, the maturity and control over our senses when entering and experiencing a MMRPG. The urge to "show off as the best in show as fast as I can" overcomes aesthetics in creating beautiful quests. Hope for progress on this! I believe it's a very good idea that can take on-line mass multiplayer to the next lvl! Good thinking! P.S please excuse my English. I learned by watching movies and playing video games. Thank you.
  10. In Double dragon I deflect the knife throw with a kick! Worship me! ;D
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