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    Game Idea Text Based or 2D Best?

    If the art is really whats putting you off (having talked to you on the chat, SpaceGhost, i dont think it is) you can use place holder graphics just while you learn that you made in paint. If/When you get your game up and going in this state, then you can invest your time into making it pretty, but as yewbie said, in a first project, youll probably scrap it halfway through anyway so you may not have to worry about good art for a while. A 2d game using XNA as you said in chat I think makes a good launching point for more complicated affairs. But you should still probably start with pong with a title screen and menu just to learn some general stuff.
  2. MattWinters

    Windows Dialog Box Problem

    thank you so much! I just added a default case of return false to the message switch and it works like a charm! Is the button that looks like a facebook like how I upvote you? Dont wanna start making just appear on your facebook wall.
  3. Hey, SpaceGhost (from the chat) here. Im trying to make the Add Order button that you can see in the screen shot open a dialogbox, but the dialogbox appears to be going crazy. The (i think) relevant code is here http://codepad.org/BLWsm9UG And here is an image of what it looks like (changed from the code slightly so that the dialogbox leaves the main window for clarity). http://imageshack.us/f/829/screenah.jpg/ is the screen shot. Thanks for the help!
  4. MattWinters

    Basic Framework

  5. MattWinters

    Basic Framework

    So I made a simple pong game, and tried to rip out the guts of it to see if I could make myself a launching point for other small projects. Im just posting the pastebin link here, if anyone wants to take a look at it and make comments go nuts. Any advice would be great of course. http://pastesite.com/24343 Thanks for any tips any of you might have.
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