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  1. sevenfold1

    Non-triangulated earcutting?

    I was able to compile both demos, and it seems the keil demo works, for the most part. But the program hangs on some simple shapes, so I'not sure about its robustness. The bayazit demo runs too, but it crashes on all shapes. Couldn't get it to work at all. Well, it's a good start.
  2. sevenfold1

    Non-triangulated earcutting?

    Yes, 2D polygon decomposition is what I'm looking for. I was hoping earclipping could be converted to output polygons instead of triangles. It doesn't have to be optimal. I'm trying to speed up 2D polygon intersection, so I would rather have pieces as large as possible, instead of looping through thousands of triangles. Thanks for the links. I will check it out.
  3. sevenfold1

    Non-triangulated earcutting?

    Hello, I'm looking for 2D polygon earcutting routine that creates a non-triangulated output. All of the earcutting examples I've seen so far output to triangles only. However, I would like to earcut a concave 2D shape, but keep the convex pieces as large as possible. Thanks.
  4. sevenfold1

    SetPixelFormat fails on Nvidia cards

    It's a bad idea to set cStencilBits if you don't need it. Set pfd to the minimum values you need. ChoosePixelFormat() will return the best values, only if they're available. Setting them to the max values doesn't leave much room for choice. So, if you set cColorBits(24), and cDepthBits(16), you will get cColorBits(32) and cDepthBits(24) back if your device supports it.
  5. sevenfold1

    PBR rendering engines?

    I've only come across a few so far. I'd like to get some opinions on them too if anybody has any experience using them.
  6. sevenfold1

    MorphTarget: Delta Normal / TangentZ ??

    I would think so. That's what 'delta' usually means in mathematics.
  7. sevenfold1

    PBR rendering engines?

    I'm looking for a open source PBR rendering engine that I can use. Basic requirements are Windows (C/C++) and free to use type license. The first two hits I get on Google are: Filament https://github.com/google/filament/ LuxCoreRender https://luxcorerender.org/ Does anybody have any experience using any of these, or do you recommend something else that's better? Thanks. Pluses: Active development, easy to compile, zero dependencies.
  8. sevenfold1

    Downsizing normal maps

      That is simply untrue.  It takes over 5 seconds to write a large 4096 x 4096 compressed PNG using libpng.  
  9. sevenfold1

    Downsizing normal maps

      Speed tradeoff.  Uncompressed format is of course the fastest way to read/write.
  10. sevenfold1

    Bin packing

      Blocks are first sorted by height, so you will never insert a smaller block before a larger block. If insertion fails, then you may have to re-initialized it with a slightly larger tree, and start over again.  
  11. sevenfold1

    UV padding

    This is a very good article to read. It talks about fast and efficient dilation algorithms. Includes pseudo code too: http://blog.ostermiller.org/dilate-and-erode
  12. sevenfold1

    Trumps great wall... will it ever happen?

    I think it's just a ploy.  Trump needs a reason to stay in power for 8 long years, and it's going to take a long time to build a wall across the entire California + Arizona + New Mexico + Texas border.  4 states!  That's an insane waste of money, time, and resources.
  13. sevenfold1

    This is a joke! (US Presidential Election Thread)

      The American people were given a choice, one that doesn't come up very often.  To choose between a politician or a celebrity.  They chose a celebrity. Celebrities outrank politicians 10 to 1 in their popularity. You would never think Arnold Schwarzenegger, of Terminator fame, would be future governor of California for 8 years?  Ronald Reagan was also a celebrity, a Hollywood B-actor.  He was President for 8 years.  Hell, the American people are so enamored with celebrities, they would pick Bill Gates, Tim Cook, or even Kayne West as president.     Based on that, I will make a predication that Trump will be President for 8 long, disgusting years.
  14. sevenfold1

    Shape interpolation?

    From the docs: "For this technique to work, the two models you are morphing between must have identical vertex counts, and the vertices must correspond to each other." Thanks, but my main issue is that I need to first establish a correspondence between two different sets of vertices. After that, everything becomes simple.
  15. sevenfold1

    Shape interpolation?

    Sorry, this isn't a visual effect, so I can't use any hacks. It's a general application of mesh processing. It has to be a real morph. I'm trying to morph two humanoid figures, so they do share similar features. I was thinking about projecting both meshes to an unit sphere, but I'm not sure how to match up vertices where the triangles overlap (caused by cavities around the nose, mouth, ears, fingers, etc..). Overlapping triangles would give multiple vertex matches. Is it really necessary to map each mesh to a domain where triangles don't overlap?
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