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  1. 2. Sorry but you should really look up what happened with Unreal Engine. Reverse Engineers can dump a full class with members name and offset, which just made the reversing job of months into 5 minutes. CryEngine is a million dollar for commercial license just like Unreal Engine :\
  2. 1. Performance. 2. A good reverse engineer can dump the classes and members offset and easily hack my game. (Using the script engine) 3. I like C++ more than high level languages.
  3. I am a good programmer in C++ / ASM, and recently Ive decided to learn game coding. I was looking at "Esenthel" game engine to start code my mini fps game with it. However, it looks like an engine suited for MMO more than FPS. So i would like to know any suggestion from you guys I am searching an engine with these features: World editor.C++ support (No need engine source code).No scripting language (That way the engine relies fully on C++).A good graphic quality comparing to Unity engine.Suit more for an FPS gameDoesn't have to be free at all (But atleast not million dollars like Unreal Engine). I really liked Unity graphic but the badside is it gives only scripting access and not C++, same for UDK engine. Thank you.
  4. mathwiz7

    Making a player change direction!

    By default my sprite is facing north!! [color="#1C2837"][color="#000000"]differenceX [color="#666600"]=[color="#000000"] targetPosition[color="#666600"].[color="#000000"]x [color="#666600"]-[color="#000000"] currentPosition[color="#666600"].[color="#000000"]x[color="#666600"];[color="#000000"] differenceY [color="#666600"]=[color="#000000"] targetPosition[color="#666600"].[color="#000000"]y [color="#666600"]-[color="#000000"] currentPosition[color="#666600"].[color="#000000"]y[color="#666600"];[color="#000000"] differenceAngle [color="#666600"]= [color="#660066"]Math[color="#666600"].[color="#000000"]atan2[color="#666600"]([color="#000000"]differenceY[color="#666600"],[color="#000000"] differenceX[color="#666600"]); [color="#880000"]// in radians[color="#000000"] velocity[color="#666600"].[color="#000000"]x [color="#666600"]= [color="#660066"]Math[color="#666600"].[color="#000000"]cos[color="#666600"]([color="#000000"]differenceAngle[color="#666600"]) [color="#666600"]* [color="#006666"]100[color="#666600"]; [color="#880000"]// 100 is the speed you want to move towards the target point[color="#000000"] velocity[color="#666600"].[color="#000000"]y [color="#666600"]= [color="#660066"]Math[color="#666600"].[color="#000000"]sin[color="#666600"]([color="#000000"]differenceAngle[color="#666600"]) [color="#666600"]* [color="#006666"]100 [/quote] How will this rotate the player so that if faces the direction?? [/quote] [color="#000000"]"differenceAngle" is the angle you need to rotate your sprite at. The you calculate the X and Y position based on the differenceAngle and multiply by the speed you want.
  5. mathwiz7

    How is an FPS game built

    That wouldn't let me do reload animation, -- The reason im asking those qestion is because i dont really want to reinvent the wheel. So far i understand that i have to make 2 different meshes, 1. Hands 2. Weapon But how do i make a reload animation like that? I also need to animate the weapon when reloading clips, thats what i dont understand.
  6. mathwiz7

    How is an FPS game built

    Also, do they dynamically mount the weapon on the hands ingame or it comes together with the mesh ?
  7. Hello, I was always wondering how such game is built. I have chosen Esenthel engine in order to make my first minigame and i want to make it fps based. Now i have a few questions 1) Most FPS games uses "Hands" with weapon mounted for the local player view. Now there are more than 50 guns ingame, that means you have to make a reload animation for each gun and a mount animation for each gun and more. Is that right? 2) Almost same as the first question, do they make animations for each weapon for the player mesh ? Thank you.
  8. I plan to move my single player FPS game to multiplayer just like the current FPS online game out there. Their servers can handle 3000 players. It's hard to believe that they handle ALL the 3000 players movement and position update so how do they do that? Can anybody point me direction ? Thank you very much.
  9. Hello, First, im very sorry if i posted in the wrong section. I have recently bought the Torque 3D Pro game engine, and im somewhat happy with it as it has really advanced drawing BUT it has also his weakness. The engine is sold for 100$ which allow alot of people to see the compile core code which means, in other words, anybody can write a decompiler / full class dumper. The engine has no documentation about full engine coding, its all in TorqueScript which cost alot in performance. So i would like to know from the pro programmers who have passed through this, what game engine should i go on? The goal game is a single player FPS and then take it to multiplayer. I also prefer to be coding in full engine in matter of security (im a reverse engineer) and performance. What attracted me to torque 3d pro engine is the realistic graphic, moving trees and plants, world editor, built in gui and gui editor, thats it. Again, the final goal game is a multiplayer FPS game like any fps online game. Thank you very much for your time.
  10. Hello, My goal is to make my character look at a specific player when it dies. Now this is not a problem finding the angle and rotate my camera to look at this player. My problem is i need to do it smoothly. Given the speed 1.70 every 200ms, i dont know if i should add the speed to my player angle or subtract. I have written an algorithm which have my problem. float PlayerAngle = 350.0f; float GoalAngle = 20.0f; float fSpeed = 1.70f; while (1) { NormalizeAngle(&PlayerAngle); NormalizeAngle(&GoalAngle); float fRoundDistance = GetRoundDistance(PlayerAngle, GoalAngle); if (fRoundDistance < fSpeed) // We are done, fSpeed is greater than the rest (fRoundDistance). { PlayerAngle = GoalAngle; printf("PlayerAngle: %.2f\n", PlayerAngle); break; } else // Increment Player angle by fSpeed { PlayerAngle += fSpeed; // How do i know if to add or sub? NormalizeAngle(&PlayerAngle); } printf("PlayerAngle: %.2f\n", PlayerAngle); Sleep(200); } void NormalizeAngle(float* fAngle) { while (*fAngle < 360.0f) *fAngle += 360.0f; while (*fAngle > 360.0f) *fAngle -= 360.0f; } float GetRoundDistance(float fAngle1, float fAngle2) { float fDelta = fabs(fAngle1 - fAngle2); if (fDelta > 180.0f) fDelta = 360 - fDelta; return fDelta; } Thanks for any help.
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