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    AI - Concept, Theory, Logic, Philosophy

    And that's all folks. Thank you very much for guidance - some of you gave me some good advice. I guess i should have asked first: Am I in the right place? ( I choose this forum because of high rankings on google - 'Damn you google!' ) Thread can be pretty much closed.
  2. jackangel

    AI - Concept, Theory, Logic, Philosophy

    Ok. Again insisting on the memory issue and rephrasing - You cannot have STRONG AI without a good Memory System. Here's my view on how memory for STRONG AI should be structured. I will refer only to Semantic Memory (declarative memory) - the memory of meanings and concepts. I propose to you a multilayered structure (or a multilayered network, 3d network) Imagine a network (although i find a network to be somewhat rigid) where each node is a word representing a concept (so far absolutely nothing new, in fact i'm quoting from TLC). On this layer we can have pointers to other nodes of the structure based on similarities although i do not imagine having many links on this layer. On top of this layer we put another layer (or another network)- let's say a layer for a certain set of properties like colour. Now we have a lot more links on this layer. The idea is that the higher you get on these layers the higher the abstraction level becomes. Let me exemplify: You have "bird", "parrot","plane" and "wheel" on the first layer - we could have a link on this layer between "bird" and "parrot" but it is not really necessary. Let's say we have a layer for color - a "bird" could have any color so it would be linked to "parrot", "plane" and "wheel" (because they have colors too). The others are not linked at all. Now let's go higher, somewhere on an upper layer we have flying properties - evidently "bird" , "parrot" and "plane" are interlinked. But what about the "wheel" - planes have wheels, so wheels fly too (so to speak). This is where things become multi-dimensional, we have links between layers. Now, why do i think a multilayered system is necessary. It would help computers or AI Systems understand allegories or comparisons , it would help AI understand conversations (by knowing the accessed layers mentioned earlier it would be able to determine the abstraction level of the conversation - for example it would sense the difference between a talk about chicken as food or culinary interest or a talk about chicken that is an allegory for escaping prison). Now this links could be infinite and the software would spend eternity in creating them. To solve this issue we could limit the number of links to be created. Some of them would have to be temporary (TTL comes to mind - the allegory mentioned earlier it is quite far fetched, so that's a rather useless information outside that particular conversation). That's it for today, i'm sorry that i did not gave you the promised game example but this could not be skipped. And I know that you all think that the direction that i'm heading is a CHATBOT, but trust me it is not. Have a nice weekend!
  3. jackangel

    AI - Concept, Theory, Logic, Philosophy

    I agree with you that the grammar system it is not sufficient to obtain the meaning but it is a necessary filter. About your opinion on AI, that's where we take separate roads. I do not consider anything else short of what you call Strong AI, AI - but that's just my opinion. You mentioned Pac Man (great game, played it, enjoyed it) - how can you consider a few procedures (no matter how adaptive they are) AI? Personally i think we slap a way to big name on some pieces of software. Could be a marketing issue?! But i do get your point and i will refer from now on to it as Strong AI.
  4. jackangel

    AI - Concept, Theory, Logic, Philosophy

    Here is my chat with a chatbot ( http://testing.turinghub.com/ ): Robitron P3 v.1.3 © 2009 CyberMecha Studios Fred is now operational. >hello Hey. >who are you? Do you sometimes think I am ? >that's irrelevant Could there really be some connection ? >you are an idiot Don't you have anything better to do? >could you repeat my last statement Must not repeat. Must not repeat. >could you repeat my last statement Does someone else believe could I repeat your last statement ? >i have a toy in my left hand and a gun in my right hand Does that suggest anything else which belongs to you ? >what do i have in my left hand Is it important to you that your left hand ? I have pasted this small conversation (in fact it is no conversation at all) - to prove to you that the first and most important thing in AI is Memory - a way to store and parse (analyze and conceptualize) information. Human memory and reasoning it is highly linked to language. And we have a highly developed tool to use already - it is called GRAMMAR. What i'm trying to say is that if you want a fully developed AI you should have a fully developed GRAMMAR system in place that would act as a filter for Memorizing and Reasoning. And again it is very well structured (GRAMMAR) and if you implement it the right way you shouldn't have (almost) any problems with "vagaries of human language" - given that we too have trouble sometimes understanding each other. Everything stated so far it is already theorized in Semantic Memory theories and TLC The Teachable Language Comprehender (in fact none of my theories are new, and I believe that we already have all that it takes to create true AI but we don't know how to put it together - it is like we are having all the wheels and gears and motors but we don't know how to put it together to create a car). I am just underlining that these systems are a MUST if you want to create AI. Maybe we can debate a little on the small conversation that i had with the chatbot. I'm waiting for your feedback. Next time i would like to debate with you another system that would be needed for Memory and Memorizing, and to catch your attention i will provide an example to be used in a game. The topic will be OBSERVATION, OCCURRENCE AND PATTERN RECOGNITION
  5. jackangel

    AI - Concept, Theory, Logic, Philosophy

    I'm not saying that my concept is better - i'm saying that it "could" be. So, there is no need to be ironic. And I'm not holding back anything. I have to structure my notes to present them in a somewhat clear way, and also i have to translate them. I have a job, various projects that i'm involved in - so it will take a while. And let's be honest - this is a huge topic - you cannot exhaust it with just a few posts, or even a book. Let me be clear - I'm not doing this for fame and fortune (i will remain anonymous and nothing will be asked in return). I'm just trying to give some tips (if you like) that maybe someone is willing to implement - Because i will treat the subject only at a theoretical level (hence the title of the post - Concept, Theory, Logic). I don't have real programming skills (although i have some experience programming), that's why i'm trying to work with others. I would really appreciate if you challenge me with problems regarding AI, and challenge my theories because that's the only way we can move forward. Thank you!
  6. jackangel

    AI - Concept, Theory, Logic, Philosophy

    No you don't. Memory systems can't parse the vagaries of human language, understand relative context, etc. I'm assuming you have read Expressive Processing by Noah Wardrip-Fruin and The Most Human Human by Brian Christian? If you had, you would know that it takes more than a memory or knowledge representation layer. If you haven't, then you are starting from scratch anyway. [/quote] That is exactly the problem that i'm trying to address. That is what I'm trying to demonstrate - if you give me the opportunity. It is all about "Loose Logic" (what i like to call it) or Fuzzy Logic. We are not that complicated, our thinking and logic it is not that evolved, as a matter of fact we are most of the time illogical (yes i know, i sound like Spock) - and that it's exactly what an AI system needs - a Logic with some leverage, a Loose Logic.
  7. jackangel

    AI - Concept, Theory, Logic, Philosophy

    Always love a snide remark, and I appreciate you taking the time to write that. I would love to not have admirers but people to work with on this project. I'm not trying to be a smart ass, i'm not saying that i have an improved AI system - i just want to present to you with another approach to AI. Time will tell if my approach is better or not. Frankly i find a little disappointing that in the year 2011 we do not have a true AI system. It's been like 15 years since we have enough CPU power and enough disk space to support AI and no real AI in sight. And I'm not going into conspiracy theories that say that there is true AI created but some governments banned it and blah blah blah...if that is true, then too bad - we have to reinvent it again... I wish you all a good day! See you next time!
  8. jackangel

    AI - Concept, Theory, Logic, Philosophy

    Thanks for your reply. But i'm not trying to create just a chatterbot. I was saying that just by implementing a good memory system you get a very good chatterbot.
  9. jackangel

    AI - Concept, Theory, Logic, Philosophy

    Isn't supposed AI to be somewhat universal? I does apply to games, virtual pals or whatever...
  10. Hi! My name is Manuel and i'm new to this forum. English is not my native language so please excuse my many mistakes to come. I have signed on this forum because I have some concepts and theories on creating AI, that I want to present to you and hopefully something good will come out of it. My goal is to create an open source project that hopefully will deliver true AI in the years to come (hehe a lot of hopes here). So, in the next weeks and months I will present to you my theories, logic schemes, concepts, ideas, etc... Please join me on this endeavor. Here we go, off to the next level. The first and biggest (the most important) concept of my theories : YOU CANNOT HAVE TRUE AI (OR AT LEAST TRULY FUNCTIONAL AI) WITHOUT MEMORY! So when starting an AI programming you should start with a Memory System and a Mnemonic System. What i mean by a Memory System and a Mnemonic System - a way to memorize and store (also classify data) information that can be easily accessible. The system should be able store raw data and also (very important) along with the raw data, create and store Logic Links (or relations) between that data. For example - if i am to query the word "house", the system should come up with the relevant raw data but also with things related to it like "chair" or "watching tv" and even "clouds" (why clouds? - because they float above the house - that's how far the system should be able to create relations). I know what you will say right now - Great, you just presented us with a chatterbot system that we already have! Don't worry this is just an outline, i will come with diagrams and more in-depth presentation. What i wanted to convey to you is that if you create just a good enough Memorizing System (or Storing System - call it whatever you like) you could have a nice conversation with the computer, almost indistinguishable from a conversation with a human (given that we have enough data stored) - and we haven't even started creating AI yet. I have tried the best chatterbots on the web and i find them really really really dumb, and the main reason for that is that they do not remember (or store and create logic links and relations from the data that i'm feeding it to them) almost any of the conversation that i have with them. That's it for today. Next time i will give you a more in-depth presentation of some of the mechanism behind the Memorizing System. I'm waiting for your feedback. Thank you!
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