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  1. Reading .. "More on Seven Fables: Planning a Conversation Model" http://t.co/la65Lqa .. @emshort interviews @meadovian on #chatbots ..
  2. Comparison of Prolog implementations http://t.co/cn3b3uj .. "the relative feature sets and performance of different implementations" ..
  3. Natural Language Processing (NLP) Software http://t.co/WmrSm3j .. Ruby-1.8 .. last updated 2007 .. by Masao Utiyama http://t.co/zJrW62V ..
  4. "Clustering is a method of unsupervised learning, and a common technique for statistical data analysis " http://t.co/VCbJhYL ..
  5. Book: Advanced Knowledge Based Systems: Models, Applications & Research (2010) http://t.co/PIdZawe .. edited by @raa8 & http://t.co/0vzNnFx
  6. http://t.co/CV2NgVL .. "MrsQG is a semantics-based question generation system for single English sentences" ..
  7. Book: Supertagging: Using Complex Lexical Descriptions in Natural Language Processing (2010) http://t.co/aM9Cgsz [PDF] Bangalore & Joshi eds
  8. Do you know .. @yahoopipes contains a WYSIWYG regular expression rules engine .. making it a de facto plug and play semantic reasoner .. ?!?
  9. Looking at .. Chatter Robot in Python http://t.co/Qw6VLeJ .. "Python robot interface for novices" .. by Tom Joyce @8planet .. #PyAIML
  10. "Twitter has automated systems that find and remove multiple automated spam accounts in bulk" ..
  11. DeSTIN: A Scalable Deep Learning Architecture with Application to High-Dimensional Robust Pattern Recognition (2009) http://t.co/w6l8U4w PDF
  12. Haskins Laboratories @haskinslabs Talking Heads Directory http://t.co/rmkdEnm .. maintained by Philip Rubin http://t.co/ZY0P8rW ..
  13. A-Life Medical @LifeCode_CAC computer-assisted coding technology using "mere-parsing" methodology receives US Patent http://t.co/o6D7JJn ..
  14. Anant Jhingran @jhingran contributed the "Africa Curve" http://t.co/bDhxTSK to #IBMWatson confidence scoring, see video http://t.co/jSoIXre
  15. "@Turing100in2012: Two chatbots in conversation with each other done by RADAR in 2006 with IKEA's Anna and Sgt. STAR" => http://t.co/BIzjnRI
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