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  1. sleepingtom

    I need help learning to program (python)

    a have a question the python interperter and idle are open source which one is for sale? umm the question asked i dont think that the $ sign is syntactaly correct in 3 i think that was for two but i use 3.2 and 2.5
  2. ok so i was looking into some source codes but the person encrypted it so that i could not use it (why would you post it if it is encrypted ) and i wanted to know how common that is
  3. sleepingtom

    Noob question

    to get into the u.s. you need to be screened if i remember correctly they check criminal record they check basic english understanding (if you want a long term vista) and they probaly do blood test for dieses umm but as for the degree umm i believe you should maybe havea 4 degree or maybe apply for a student vista to go to an US college(allthough its pretty hard to hope this helps but remember if you want to get a student vista do good in school (unlike me ) and about your english (half the people in my shcool have worst english writing than you and i go to a high school in the U.S.A ) only touch up on your grammar . im also 15 years old as for programming start small you have a while to learn and should not rush you said you know c work on that and DO GOOD IN SCHOOL!!!!
  4. sleepingtom

    A Newbie, A Vision, No budget.

    A console application is a computer program designed to be used via a text-only computer interface, such as a text terminal, the command line interface of some operating systems ... That's what all your games will look like while you're learning C/C++ [/quote] pygame would be good for what he wants would it not i seen them all over the net like how he described written in python useing pygame . would not anyone agree with me on this statement? google pygame rpg and you will get the pygame engine and some open source games if you look hard and for the comment above mine srry but thats what every first time game looks like (my first game was tic tac to) because you need to learn simple programs like this to advance to bigger one (like the game he wants to make). (no offence attended p.s.it seems to me though he a writer and an "artist" and should realy look to see if he can get a programmer to help but i guess since good programmers ask for money and his no buget thing i say good luck.
  5. sleepingtom

    I need help learning to program (python)

    http://diveintopython.org/ seems good but it for advanced so im going to try to read it but still any suggestions please feel free to put hem down here
  6. sleepingtom

    I need help learning to program (python)

    i need something free to learn im only in high school and dont have a job and my parents dont allow me to order books from online and i would like to find something free if not sold in book a millon or barnes a nobles can you recomend anything in those criteria?
  7. sleepingtom

    I Want To Make Games!

    i agree with 90% of what imalc said if you know 50% of how to do it you will get experince and learn easier but if you know your goal you can work on smaller project intill you get up to the level of experince required for it . but also if you start as imalc said you have many hours of trying to find syntax/semantic errors
  8. sleepingtom

    I Want To Make Games!

    i know a few books that teach the basics not anything more one teaches by giving you code for games and explaining why or how it works [font="Arial"][font="Arial"]//inventwithpython.com [/font][/font]is where you can find that it is informational explaining alot but the thing just feels like your copying things but it will help you learn the" basics" it goesfrom the basic print('hello world') guess the number , hangman , to teaching pygame collision decection, sprites and sound, and animation also it teaches basic encrpytion (ceasar cypher to be exact. p.s. pygame is a thing for makeing games with python and i still need to read that part so i dont know what the spefics on that part so i hope this book is helpful to you
  9. sleepingtom

    I Want To Make Games!

    look in the eletrical and computer science section
  10. sleepingtom

    I Want To Make Games!

    well python is good to learn first if you think c++ is good because it has realitivily same syntax thus it will make c++ easier but yes c++ is compilcated thats why i picked python to learn first and if you need help with python a good place to look is on MIT open course wear (thats where i go when im bored ) it has video taped lectures each being about 52 min long the class is called intro to computere sceince and programming p.s. they all so have C++ and java classes
  11. sleepingtom

    I need help learning to program (python)

    import random HANGMANPICS = [''' +---+ | | | | | | =========''', ''' +---+ | | O | | | | =========''', ''' +---+ | | O | | | | | =========''', ''' +---+ | | O | /| | | | =========''', ''' +---+ | | O | /|\ | | | =========''', ''' +---+ | | O | /|\ | / | | =========''', ''' +---+ | | O | /|\ | / \ | | ========='''] words = 'ant baboon badger bat bear beaver camel cat clam cobra cougar coyote crow deer dog donkey duck eagle ferret fox frog goat goose hawk lion lizard llama mole monkey moose mouse mule newt otter owl panda parrot pigeon python rabbit ram rat raven rhino salmon seal shark sheep skunk sloth snake spider stork swan tiger toad trout turkey turtle weasel whale wolf wombat zebra'.split() def getRandomWord(wordList): # This function returns a random string from the passed list of strings. wordIndex = random.randint(0, len(wordList) - 1) return wordList[wordIndex] def displayBoard(HANGMANPICS, missedLetters, correctLetters, secretWord): print(HANGMANPICS[len(missedLetters)]) print() print('Missed letters:', end=' ') for letter in missedLetters: print(letter, end=' ') print() blanks = '_' * len(secretWord) for i in range(len(secretWord)): # replace blanks with correctly guessed letters if secretWord in correctLetters: blanks = blanks[:i] + secretWord + blanks[i+1:] for letter in blanks: # show the secret word with spaces in between each letter print(letter, end=' ') print() def getGuess(alreadyGuessed): # Returns the letter the player entered. This function makes sure the player entered a single letter, and not something else. while True: print('Guess a letter.') guess = input() guess = guess.lower() if len(guess) != 1: print('Please enter a single letter.') elif guess in alreadyGuessed: print('You have already guessed that letter. Choose again.') elif guess not in 'abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz': print('Please enter a LETTER.') else: return guess def playAgain(): # This function returns True if the player wants to play again, otherwise it returns False. print('Do you want to play again? (yes or no)') return input().lower().startswith('y') print('H A N G M A N') missedLetters = '' correctLetters = '' secretWord = getRandomWord(words) gameIsDone = False while True: displayBoard(HANGMANPICS, missedLetters, correctLetters, secretWord) # Let the player type in a letter. guess = getGuess(missedLetters + correctLetters) if guess in secretWord: correctLetters = correctLetters + guess # Check if the player has won foundAllLetters = True for i in range(len(secretWord)): if secretWord not in correctLetters: foundAllLetters = False break if foundAllLetters: print('Yes! The secret word is "' + secretWord + '"! You have won!') gameIsDone = True else: missedLetters = missedLetters + guess # Check if player has guessed too many times and lost if len(missedLetters) == len(HANGMANPICS) - 1: displayBoard(HANGMANPICS, missedLetters, correctLetters, secretWord) print('You have run out of guesses!\nAfter ' + str(len(missedLetters)) + ' missed guesses and ' + str(len(correctLetters)) + ' correct guesses, the word was "' + secretWord + '"') gameIsDone = True # Ask the player if they want to play again (but only if the game is done). if gameIsDone: if playAgain(): missedLetters = '' correctLetters = '' gameIsDone = False secretWord = getRandomWord(words) else: break
  12. Hello im trying to learn to program so i picked to start python because it is easier than c++ or java and i started with tutorials and i only learned the basics from them and the best thing i can do now is hangman and that was with help from my teacher at shcool can some one please help me with getting better p.s. here is my program
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