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  1. Hey Guys and Gals, I am here to introduce Sub Zero, which from now, is a community driven game development project. I've been working hard to bring the project to a stage past the common stand stills for community game development projects that start from scratch. This project is not starting from scratch. Apart from the services to work on Sub Zero, I have been working hard creating features that make the game somewhat playable already, such as Dialogue, Inventory and Quests.   We are seeking passionate hobbyist, professional and indie game developers to join our community to work on a fun and collaborative project.   Specs Engine: Unreal Engine 4 Programming Language: C++ or their Visual Blueprint System Version Control System: Github Communication: Open Community Forums Little bit about the project story If you are interested in working on Sub Zero, please join the forums @ http://www.darkrisingstudios.com or if you have any questions, please leave them here and I will try to answer them as quickly as I can.  
  2. Aaron1178

    Cure - Trailer

    Hello everyone, I would like to announce a few things here. We have released a video containing artwork from Cure. As we have little gameplay developed, we could only show some artwork. Bellow is the trailer uploaded to Vimeo. [media]http://player.vimeo.com/video/36529920[/media] I would like to also announce that we have setup a Pozible funding campaign to raise minimal funds for different issues related to Cures release, inluding hard copy production (Cases, Discs and manuals), Xbox360 Release, Wages ect. This is completely your choice. We have designed a set of reward for different contributions. The project is available here ar pozible: http://www.pozible.c...description/0/0 I hope to see anyone and everyone ;) interested in Cure. Thanks, Aaron1178
  3. Hey all, I have some exciting news to bestow upon you all. Have you ever wanted to contribute to a game universe (the lore, story ect) well now you can. Introduction the "Immortal Dawn Wiki", a place where you can contribute to the universe of Immortal Dawn, from adding to the storyline of the fist game, to adding a new character and bio that is available in-game. This is the first of its kind where fellow gamers and writers can come together regardless of who you are. Anyone can be apart of it, from 17 to 78 ( not likely ), it's free, and you can be apart of it now. Immortal Dawn Universe wiki The sub-domain "Immortal-Dawn" is where our concept artists, programmers and modellers upload images and videos to show the people. These will be available sometime in the next week and will also be available on the wiki for each category, example (.../wiki/Concept_art). Be apart of it today, contribute until your heart is content
  4. Aaron1178

    3rd person camera in DirectX

    I am trying your way and this is what I've got for when I press < arrow. public void mRotateCamera(float angle,float speed, dev.Device d) { Vector3 old = cha.position; cha.position = new Vector3(0, 0, 0); d.Transform.World = Matrix.RotationY(10); cha.position = old; } This will not work, It wont rotate the camera around the Y axe. It just stays at {old}
  5. Aaron1178

    3rd person camera in DirectX

    G,day all, I know that this is sort of an old topic, but I have been very busy at school with exams and my computer crashed. I have lost a lot of knowledge about all of this and have just started construction of my DirectX adventures again. Now I have it to the point were I have the character loaded (.X file) and have the camera positioned so that the Camera is looking behind and down on the mesh. Now I just need to clarify some things with you. In order to get a simple 3rd person camera operating, I need to move the character to the origin {0,0,0} and rotate the camera around it to X amount and then send it back to the old position? But wont this make the scene objects (buildings ect) move as well, I mean say the character was at {100,0,200} and then I move him to {0,0,0} wont this make me watch it as he travels to the origin?
  6. Hello all, The names Aaron1178, I'm a student and a professional web developer (php), I recently decided (start of the year) that I was going to learn the ins and outs of Game Programming. It is going good so far. I am able to load .X meshes (character mesh, npc meshes and object meshes(buildings ect)) . Now when it comes to the bone, I am a persistent SOB that will work endlessly to try and fix the solution. But this one, I cannot fix. The problem: I am trying to create a 3rd person camera that will rotate around the character at X,Y,Z coordinates. But I am uncertain of how to accomplish this. Some have suggested a Matrix.Transformation to rotate the camera around the indicated mesh coordinates. But it is not working, Here is my code so far. Also it is in C# I know... I should be using C++ device.Transform.View = Matrix.Translation(cameraMove.X, cameraMove.Y, cameraMove.Z) * Matrix.RotationAxis(new Vector3(0, 1, 0), camera.Y) * Matrix.RotationAxis(new Vector3(1, 0, 0), camera.X); That is just a translation but the transformation (did not work) device.Transform.View = Matrix.Translation(cameraMove.X, cameraMove.Y, cameraMove.Z) * Matrix.Transformation(new Vector3(0,0,0), Quaternion.Identity, new Vector3(0,0,0), new Vector3(0, 0, 0), new Quaternion(0,0,0,0), Vector3.Empty); All help is much appreciated. Thanks,
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