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  1. NeoAxis Group Ltd has released a new version of the universal environment for 3D project development NeoAxis 3D Engine 3.4. This release does not include the big amount of changes since the main work is focused on version 4. This release features updated tools skins, improved physics, new exporters for the latest Autodesk 3ds Max and Maya, improved Apple OS X support and updated demo maps. Read more about the engine.   Screenshots All changes Updated tools skin. Latest PhysX 3.3.4. Works faster and is more stable. Good character physics, improved car physics, fixed terrain problems. OS X support has been improved. New Mono Runtime 4.2.1 with new Generational GC (SGen) support. OS X 10.8 now is the minimal supported system. Sound backend has been improved. OpenAL Soft updated up to 1.17.2. Internal SSE optimizations. All example maps have been updated. Better object selection algorithms in Map Editor. It's now easier to select zones, portals and other volumes. Post processing: Color correction lookup table support. Exporters: support of the latest Autodesk 3ds Max 2016 and Maya 2016. Ability to install exporter for yet unpublished versions of 3ds Max and Maya (2017+) added. Exporters: Ability to install exporters to a specified folder. File system: The ability to load archives during simulation. As example to use it for downloadable content. Map Editor: Ability to open the type of selected object in Resource Editor. Use context menu. MapCamera: Ability to set orthographic camera. Web Browser Control: You can now configure a local HTML start file. Zooming and mip maps generation for in-game 3D GUI. Bug fix: Native memory manager: Crash Memory_AllocAligned on 64-bit applications. Bug fix: Exporters: Unable to override material in some cases. Links Read more about the engine. Download SDK. Discuss about the release on the forum.
  2. NeoAxis Group Ltd has released a new version of the universal environment for 3D project development NeoAxis 3D Engine 2.2. This new version includes updated character physics, profiling tool in map editor, WPF widget performance improvements, PhysX improvements and bug fixes.   About Technology NeoAxis 3D Engine is a free integrated development environment that allows for projects of all types and complexity. The environment is intended for use in such areas as the creation of video games, the development of simulators, virtual reality and visualization software. It includes a full set of tools for fast and logical development of modern 3D projects. Links   Read full news Download free version of NeoAxis 3D Engine 2.2  
  3. NeoAxis Group Ltd has released a new version of the universal environment for 3D project development NeoAxis 3D Engine 2.0. This new version includes many improvements as well as significant changes in technology licensing. With version 2.0, one of the editions of the technology is now completely free.   Read more: http://www.neoaxis.com/news/neoaxis_3d_engine_2_0_released  
  4. NeoAxis Group informs that its all-purpose 3D game engine NeoAxis Engine was updated to the version 1.3. New version received a number of new features along with changed license terms for a Source Edition of the engine.   Read more: http://www.neoaxis.c...ne_1_3_released       Main New Features   Screen Space Ambient Occlusion effects has been added. SSAO is a real-time rendering technique that is widely used for effective approximation of Ambient Occlusion in CG. SSAO in NeoAxis is implemented as a post-processing effect, has many adjustable parameters for fine-tuning and allows to maintain the best balance between performance and image quality.   Heightmap Based Terrain Improvements. Maximum height map resolution is increased from 1024x1024 to 4096x4096 pixels (16 times bigger resolution). This become possible due to significantly reduced memory consumption. Support for terrain Level of Detail (LOD) has been added, resulting in increased terrain rendering performance. Terrain LODs in NeoAxis is based on "Continuous Distance-Dependent Level of Detail for Rendering Heightmaps" (CDLOD) technique implementation.   Lens Flare Manager — new object to simplify the creation of camera lens flares effects.   Platformer Demo with 2D physics — new map has been added to the NeoAxis SDK. New demo map shows the example of platformer-like game with 2D physics.   Pathfinding Demo — new map has been added, demonstrating the pathfinding based on Navigation Mesh technology.   SceneBox — new type of control has been added to the NeoAxis GUI System. SceneBox is a control with the ability to draw 3D scene within. Models, effects and other supported entities can be added to it via the Resource Editor or be managed through the game code. This class is convenient for the output of a simple scenes. For example, a garage scene with a choice of a car in an auto simulator game, or a 3d character avatar at the corner of the screen. For a demonstration go to Game.exe and press "Gui Test 2" button in the Main Menu.   WinFormsMultiViewAppExample.exe — new example application has been added. This is WinForms based application that demonstrates creation of multi view applications.   Links Official NeoAxis website Download NeoAxis Engine SDK 1.3 with demo maps included  
  5. [b]NeoAxis Group[/b] is pleased to announce that new version of its all-purpose 3D game engine [b]NeoAxis 1.2[/b] was released. New version features numerous enhancements in different areas, including new tools in Map Editor and Resource Editor, extended localization support, ability to directly import new 3D file formats, full support for Intel HD Graphics integrated videocards, new post-processing effects (Depth of Field, God Rays and other), performance optimizations, bug fixes and more. Read more: [url="http://www.neoaxis.com/news/neoaxis_engine_1_2_released"]http://www.neoaxis.c...ne_1_2_released[/url] [img]http://www.neoaxis.com/images/1_2/neoaxis_engine_12_released.jpg[/img]
  6. Hi Developers! I want to share info about released game powered by [url="http://www.neoaxis.com"]NeoAxis Game Engine[/url]. This is casual hidden object game [url="http://www.alawar.com/game/elementary-my-dear-majesty/"]Elementary My Dear Majesty![/url] In this game you will help the knight save the princess from a terrible curse. This is casual 3D hidden object game, with elements of quest, physics, puzzles and fun storyline. Step into a stunning make-believe world in the first 3D hidden object adventure! The king's daughter has turned into a man-eating monster, and either you find the cure, or it's off with your head! Put your keen powers of observation to work as you search 14 eye-popping locations for clues, perform tasks for a variety of comical characters, and solve over 100 cunning puzzles. As a detective working at the request of the king, you'll end a pirate mutiny, face a giant dragon, and soar across the galaxy in an alien ship before you learn the truth behind the princess' less than fashionable new look. Each twist of this hilarious tale will take you to another level packed with astonishing details. You'll be able to explore every pretty polygon, too, as you rotate the camera to peek behind bushes, zoom in to watch a shark attack a pair of knights, and control both machines and Mother Nature in an effort to complete tasks. If you enjoy original and exciting games, Elementary My Dear Majesty is for you! And your whole family. And your friends. And maybe your pet. Play it today, or it's off with your head! Published by Alawar Entertainment. Download game: [url="http://www.alawar.com/game/elementary-my-dear-majesty/"]http://www.alawar.co...y-dear-majesty/[/url] More info about game on NeoAxis Game Engine website: [url="http://www.neoaxis.com/neoaxis/clients_and_titles/games/elementary_my_dear_majesty"]http://www.neoaxis.c...my_dear_majesty[/url] [media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QTefzeiAKSg[/media]