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  1. Hi, I'm the lead programmer for a small independent developer called Liberty Bell Studios. We are working on a new, different genre of game which derives from the traditional 16 bit RPG. The basic game design is already completed and we are currently working on programming the game for a technical demo to present at international conventions and awards. We would like to employ an art style similar to that of Xenogears The game's structure is simple from a technical standpoint and it is going to require much less graphics compared to the classic old-style RPG. What we need: - side views of the characters without arms - separated arms with a total of 7 attack animations (7 different types of weapons) - a basic tileset of a simple environement to make the world map (original final fantasy IV style) - battle backgrounds (which will also be used for cutscenes) FFVI style (look up final fantasy VI battle backgrounds) That's it. Are pixel artists who make that kind of graphics common? How much are we going to pay for art like that, most likely?
  2. Cabba

    3D Planes

    sorry but now i haven't understand your problem XD
  3. Cabba

    3D Planes

    Now your vertex are in a wrong order i suppose. try with: glVertex3f(x1, y1, z1); glVertex3f(x2, y1, z1); glVertex3f(x2, y2, z2); glVertex3f(x1, y2, z2);
  4. Cabba

    3D Planes

    If backface culling is disabled his vertices's positions are ok. But why you call the coordinate in this order x, z, y? In OpenGL the convention is x, y, z. What kind of strange figure is this?
  5. Cabba

    3D Planes

    Ok, but if you can pass only double and char* i suppose there is an error, glGenTextures take an GLuint pointer and store the texture using the pointer value like reference to texture. When you pass to a function a variable it's taken by copy (this is the default behavior) so the memory's locations don't match. I think is this the error, if you call the same function with the vertical plane values without texture it works ?
  6. Cabba

    3D Planes

    Are you sure that the (int) cast is correct ? glBindTexture take an GLuint as second value, try with unsigned int cast or GLuint cast!
  7. Thanks for your replies!! The main problem are performance, i would display many primitive ( like cones, cylinders, cubes, etc ). The second option suggested by Nanoha put down the application's performance instead the texture atlas could be a solution but problem is the dimension, putting all the texture in only one file this becomes huge. Now, i don't know if the file dimension is a real problem because i don't know if there is a limit (i suppose yes) in texture dimension, roughly the file dimension become 4000x4000. Thanks to all again!
  8. Hi, i need to display some cubes and apply different textures on every cube's faces. My cube's vertex are stored in a Display List (or whatever like Vertex Arrays), the problem is that i can call only one texture before the Display list (or Vertex Array ) call. Now for do this i call one texture that contains every faces but there is a lot of redundance in my texture because i store the same face many times. Someone know what can i do ?
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