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  1. Segundo problema hackercup resolvido! Aparentemente esse foi o fácil, o primeiro que fiz foi o médio, agora tem o difícil que vai ficar pra amanhã hehehehehe
  2. Facebook Hacker cup começou galera!!!!
  3. Saiu o episódio de Alcatraz! Vamos conferir =)
  4. IsraelPereiraValverde

    I need some tips

    Really thanks for the help man! But an professor of mine suggested an improvement in path finding using AI, and I'll take it.
  5. IsraelPereiraValverde

    I need some tips

    Well, I just don't have any good idea to make the main theme of my monograph. I would like a suggestion of a field in game programming to work on, maybe something tha is still in development, or should be improved... an "open field" inside the game programming. Sorry for my english, it isn't my native language.
  6. IsraelPereiraValverde

    I need some tips

    Hi guys! I´m looking for some ideas to create my Monograph in my Computer Science course. I was thinking to write something in games programming field, beacause i really like games, and programming. And write about 40 pages about something that I really like will be great =) But I'm absolutely empty of ideas, I would like something that can be implemented too. Thanks to anyone that can help me.
  7. IsraelPereiraValverde

    Snake Game

    That is my first completed game, an it's created in Flex. Is a Snake Game with 10 levels with obstacles. http://www.kongregat...erde/snake-game Screen: Right now the high score of kongregate isn't working. I'll fix it as soon as i get home. I'll also change the balls necessary to pass to next level from 20 to 10. Any tips, and suggestion are very well accepted. =)
  8. IsraelPereiraValverde

    [java] Drawing an Image to JFrame

    You've said that you are studying to get into the Android programming, then you're probably using eclipse IDE. A good thing to do, is to copy your image inside eclipse IDE. Just drag an drop the image to you project (where you see the classes and packages). And remove the "src" folder you're using. This drap 'n drop thing works on Netbeans too.
  9. IsraelPereiraValverde

    [java] Drawing an Image to JFrame

    Hi, and Welcome! I'm new here too (my first post). Well looking at you piece of code, one possible problem is in the Paint (Graphics g) method. This method should be overloaded, cause it's automatically called by JVM whe painting any GUI component. In order to do this (overload the method) you must write the method signature exactly as it is in the original class. The original method name is "paint" with lower case, and not "Paint". I don't know if you just typed it wrong here (with capital letter "P")... check it out. Sorry for my english, isn't my native language.
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