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  1. I burnt my mouth with mashed potatoes I need an adult
  2. I'm pretty sure I want a pokemon game where I can just fucking jack pokemon from other trainers when they're low. Give them another nickname right in front of their former trainer. Shit would be so cutthroat.
  3. Edward sayin' deuces awwww shit
  4. MilesRobson

    PUTT Updates and Finals Thread

    Do the power ups have to be asymetrical? It's not really a power up, but I'd like to do it so if there's a volley of X or more, it speeds everything up.
  5. MilesRobson

    Power Up Table Tennis Contest

    I'm in. Something to focus on. :D
  6. Hearing Will Smith talk in the After Earth ads is weird. Like he's trying to do his best Freeman impression.
  7. I'm totally digging that the lazy smiley is just a regular smiley. In other news, no one gives a shit but me.
  8. I feel like FaceBook's new features are turning us into advertising sheep.
  9. "Do you know how much a polar bear weighs?" "idk, a couple tons?" "Enough to break the ice, hey, I'm Joey Pettinato"
  10. I am offended that FB's new little mood system doesn't have "play" as an option. Playing League Playing WoW Playing with myself All viable.
  11. I walked by Mr. Monty. I waved. He said he'll see me tomorrow in class. -.-
  12. "If you can't see well, learn sign language."
  13. StarCraft: Ghost has never been officially cancelled O.O
  14. A Life Well Wasted's Work episode is depressingly awakening.
  15. Still can't get a feel on SolForge.
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