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    Hi everybody, First of all I have a serious of question marks in my head :S So AAA games have behind them a very powerful game engine, are this engines made specially made for huge game companies like Ubisoft, EA, and so on, or are they available for common people linke me? Obviously than programming game in c++ or c# it's a really good way of understanding a lot of concepts in game development, but how do we see 3d characters, vehicles, entire cities with an impressive attention to detail in games? How do we import stuff made in 3Ds MAX or Maya and make really good games? Is there any place in this forum that I could look for a mentor?
  2. DiogoRato

    Visual Studio Ultimate + XNA 4.0

    HI again, Just seconds after I wrote in the forum I realized that and I installed the phone development tool from Microsoft site (XNA 4.0 Game Studio is inside this pack) and I am starting to learn about Windows Game projects. Thanks a lot ExcessNeo
  3. Hi everybody, I already have on my PC Microsoft Visual Studio Ultimate 2010 and I want to create a Windows Game (4.0) project, but I don't find any project of this type. Should I install something related with XNA or am I looking in the wrong place?
  4. DiogoRato

    Noob needs help

    Thanks, that will help with future terms
  5. DiogoRato

    Noob needs help

    I bet I have more money in my back pocket! xD Again, Thank you
  6. DiogoRato

    Noob needs help

    AAA games[/quote] The AAA stands for what? I think I will try to learn better C# and XNA and then, maybe in the middle of July I'll try C++ Thanks a lot
  7. DiogoRato

    Noob needs help

    C++ is the most used language, but you still can make games in C#. Check out XNA or SlimDX.[/quote] So either one of them can actually allow me to build game? But personally what do you use? C# or C++? Start off small (such as making a pong clone or something), and then gradually increase the size of your projects.[/quote] Of course! All my life I've followed this philosophy: It's better to start at the bottom and grow up than starting at the top and fall down! Just another question: When we look at games like Assassins Creed, Call of Duty, Need for Speed and so on, do they all start with some language like C or are they make in their own engines?
  8. DiogoRato

    Noob needs help

    Hi everybody, I need some help! I want to start making video games but I don't know in which way I should go. In the last 3 years I learned C# and know I can say that I know a lot of things about it. I've been reading some forums and I noticed that everybody says that the most used language in the industry is C++, is it true? Anyway i want to improve my "language library" and I want to learn another language so tell me, should I learn C++ or another one? The truth is that I need some guidance and I realized that there are hundreds of book about game development out there. I'm wondering if I should buy one of these books? If yes, can you recommend any specific book? If not, what should I do? I hope that you can help me, Thanks
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