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    Space for Unity refugees?

    So just to fill in guys that aren't from the Unity board..   They used to run XenForo and it was really solid. They wanted to interconnect more site features so they licensed Lithium. They made the Xenforo forum read-only and fired up the Lithium version a few days later after migrating the databases.   Well unfortunately the migration was a complete disaster. Swathes of posts disappeared, no PM's migrated, no thread subscriptions migrated, the default layout is unanimously abhorred by the entire community, and lots of other problems/complaints. Essentially they went live with what appears to be a completely untested system after the first pass at data migration.   No one likes it, no one is happy and they're currently trying to communicate with Lithium but its all across the pond so time zones bork any kind of rapid scheduling and its taking forever to get solutions on what is involved with rollback etc while leadership is in SF, the forum team is in Coopenhagen and Lithium guys are somewhere else I think.   So while that basically leaves most users trying to avoid the forums now, I wouldn't expect loads of people to shift over to a generic forum with a single section for Unity because it will never compare to the quality, convenience, integration and 'officialness' of the legacy XenForo Unity forums. For myself, I just got a color inverter so I could read the text but all I post there for now is to update my asset threads.
  2. zerobounds

    Project Zero

    Thanks for the comments, and I know I do have a lot of work ahead of me =) Got a Movement script going tonight but there are plenty of kinks to sort out in it. Right click held down will feed a destination to the ship continually. This isn't the final camera angle but i did get it fixed on the ship, I wanted to make a test video. You can somewhat see the star layering effect in the video but its pretty poor quality. I'll try to improve for future videos. [s]1) Give the player control of the ship.[/s] [s]2) Create a camera that follows the ship in an isometric view, moving on only 2 planes.[/s] [s]3) Make right click&hold move the ship in the specified direction so local navigation is easy and simple.[/s] [s]4) Possibly improve the lighting if time allows.[/s] 5) Create projectile objects for attacking 6) Figure out how to make the ship fire said projectiles and assign damage properties to them 6) Space station model/textures.[/quote]
  3. zerobounds

    Project Zero

    Tonight i made the models show in the picture above and sorted out how zoning might work with content. I can create a unity scene for each zone in the galaxy (it might take like 60 - 120 seconds to fly across a single zone) and customize them as i see fit, which is really great for making areas unique if i keep things fairly small and should cut down on the local pre-load times in the future. I made 2 layers of background fuzz, a gif layer with only stars and another with gaseous space textures in the distance below. When moving this gives some depth to the background since the two object are farther away. I can populate the background with anything and as many layers as i like using this method and get good results. More Debris, Gas textures & layers and more randomized star layers should follow with minimal effect to gameplay speed in the long run. Things i need to address immediately: 1) Give the player control of the ship. 2) Create a camera that follows the ship in an isometric view, moving on only 2 planes. 3) Make right click&hold move the ship in the specified direction so local navigation is easy and simple. 4) Possibly improve the lighting if time allows. 5) Create projectile objects for attacking 6) Figure out how to make the ship fire said projectiles and assign damage properties to them 6) Space station model/textures. The current objective is to create a single zone with all of the functionality of the entire game included in it. I should be able to fly the ship and destroy something, gain xp, pick up loot, fly back to the space station, sell it for credits, buy a new gun, mount it on my ship and go overthrow a space station's defense with it before i expand anything outside that zone.
  4. zerobounds

    Project Zero

    This seems to be the place to post project threads, if this is not the right place then please move the thread. Here is the link to the design thread that this game is following: http://www.gamedev.net/topic/605118-pc-mini-mmo-space-concept-3d-isometric/ The project has no name, but Project Zero sounded good since its probably going to bring me down to that mental level for a while. I have no programming experience, i've been on inde development teams strictly modeling but never been involved in the whole she-bang. Tonight i spent an hour or so making a little ship, planet and space debris with textures to see how it worked out in the engine I'm using. Unity has a great interface, I'm really enjoying it so far and I think once I get a grasp on it this should be a cakewalk until things get complex and i need help sorting out networking and character development coding. This is the first screenshot of the game ever, in the entire universe. Maybe you can sell it on EBay in 5 years or something. I'm happy with the difficulty level I've found with doing this so far on my own and intend to finish what i started. I'll keep this thread updated with information on the project and post regular updates. If you want to help out, thats great, just let me know. I need a hand with textures, model uvw's, scripting, and intend to work with Photon for the multiplayer side on top of my lack of programming knowledge so basically anything other than modelling. While I do intend to do this completely on my own anyone is welcome to help out on a "hey, you might try this" basis or a "hey lets do this together" basis, either way I'm just here to have some fun.
  5. zerobounds

    PC Mini MMO Space concept - 3d isometric

    Maybe I can just cliffnote this... You start with a space station and a physical location in the galaxy (alternatively you start with an imaginary location instanced inside a giant primary space station for your faction/race/trade, to save space(space)). You are given a simple ship with basic weapons and an untrained Captain for your ship. You can build inside your personal space station area in an RTS fashion buildings that help you upgrade, research technologies, process minerals and trade markets to generate income credits. You can leave your space station in your ship, fly around and blow up npc pirate ships that give you and your captain xp and loot / salvage items. Your captain's xp gain is separate. Captains can be exchanged for different captains with different qualities and attributes. You can level up and research upgrades that apply to your space ship, buy a new hull that looks all fancy, buy new weapons, addons, better captain, etc.. and eventually fly off to take over a small space station called an Outpost. Before attacking and dominating a planet... simple one-ship and one-base gameplay with exploration, quests and other interesting things will continue until you have a strong enough ship, captain and equipment to overthrow an Outpost. You can build structures on the outpost you own in an RTS fashion, including turrets, research buildings, defensive structures and mining facilities. You can take over Planets as well, which yield better mining and credit rewards on a continual basis. You must defend your property against Pirates and other Players, so defensive structures are definitely a concern on your properties. With all of the rewards you're getting from your new property you can do new, better upgrades and take more Outposts and Planets. Competitive and Aggressive gameplay will eventually come from opposing players seeking the benefits of your Planet or Outpost. For an idea of the graphics and feel, imagine Starcraft 2 (3d isometric) with the Terran air units in space battle, taking over command centers floating in space on a much larger scale with point & click style gameplay kept simple. Your chosen research trees will determine the abilities your ship and captain have. GUI will be as minimal as possible, reserving gameplay for as much real estate on the screen without hampering your control. Typical Radar with zoom out functions to see larger areas and travel there. Thats the essentials, Im interested in what people think of the Outpost takeover idea and the rewards, how they apply to the character and so on.
  6. zerobounds

    Telling Tales to NPCs

    I think its a cool idea. The tags should work, each NPC could be given a threshold of tolerance for all of the tags, for the the tag(s) in the story you activated positive tolerance could make them come closer to hear the story and potentially give you loot/gift or if it is a negative tolerance for the tag(s) then it could result in a verbal reaction or a fight like you mentioned depending on the values set on the particular npc. Reminds me of Fable when you're talking to someone and see the info area about them where they are "Passionate", "Gay", "Boring", "Irritable" or whatever and also how the crowd reacts to you if you're evil or good, people would be afraid or happy to see you so to me it seems like taking those two concepts, putting them together and using them on a large scale.
  7. zerobounds

    A Newbie, A Vision, No budget.

    this thread is awesome.
  8. I have a concept for a small MMO, and while I'm not thinking of it on a large scale I mostly had this idea for playing between friends thinking it might be fun and I'm not entirely sure if all of the concepts will work on a larger scale just yet but I'm laying the basic principles and ideas out for now to see what kind of feedback i get on it. Basis of Design § Premise o Persistence o Story o Philosophy o GUI o The Galaxy § Objectives o Leveling Up o Gaining Experience o Loot o Farming o Resources o Research § Property o Space Station § Shopping § Mining § Defenses o Outposts § Defenses § Bonuses o Planets § Defenses § Bonuses o The Ship § Navigation o Radar o Galaxy Map o Base Map § Combat o Weapon Types o Shields o Special Slots o Ship Captain’s o Enemies o AI § Controls o Moving o Attacking o Special Functions § Premise o Persistence The Galaxy is persistent in the sense that you can persistently level up, upgrade, research, build your base, upgrade your Captain, upgrade your ship, attack other players, overtake outposts and other planets, gain loot, rare items, etc.. o Story Humans expand, moved into the rest of the galaxy years in the future. Typical. o Philosophy Fun, simple combat. Engage attack mode on an npc, use special abilities, nothing really too skill-based. Fun rewards to looting and farming, cool base graphics, unlockable buildings, etc.. Mostly just simple fun with cool graphic effects and the joy of destruction. o GUI The GUI will not be messy, folding menus on the lower half for stats, inventory, etc.. with the radar and health/energy bars on the top with your engagement status if you’re attacking something or in a battle. Popups will be used for anything extra, the idea is to retain as much space as possible on the screen for gameplay. o The Galaxy Very huge, broken up into zones, entering into planets or space stations loads a new zone area, flying across the galaxy requires actually flying across the galaxy or using wormhole services at a game-currency fee. If you are flying in the galaxy you are pre-loading the zone and neighbor zones you are in, leaving the zone pre-loads the new neighbor zones so everything should be as seamless as possible. If you enter a planet you are loaded down to the surface level and can fly around there to shop or whatever, maybe attack outpost quests, dungeon style missions inside asteroids, whatever. Going planet-side and blasting away at the surface level defenses could be a graphical relief from the space scene and be fun in itself. If you enter a playerbase you can do the same and fly around on the surface. No sub-surface levels on any player bases or ownable outposts. § Objectives o Leveling Up You are leveling up your current Captain; if you change Captains then you need to level that Captain up. The draw of leveling up your Captain is the attack and skill perks that they will offer to your ship. XP is given to you as a player for a personal “level” status and also to your Captain separately to build him up. Only attacking will give the Captain XP, base-building, quests and attacking will give the player XP. o Loot Undecided o Farming Its farming, but it should be fun to mutilate things with large, explosive weaponry equipped on your battleship of doom so the major draw will be the graphics and destructive hilarity. o Resources There is “Currency” and “Minerals” only. Used for different things like research and upgrade purchases, mostly undecided. o Research You can research weapon items, shield items, special items, etc. You can research technologies to increase your damage output with specific weapon types or improve any shield you use or any hull you use. You can research new hulls for your captain to pilot You cannot have more than one ship. § Property o Space Station § Building There is an RTS style environment that allows base-building in your local space station. You can build mineral facilities, trade facilities, defensive structures and upgrade/research facilities. These buildings can be upgraded to unlock better items or improve their effectiveness, ie minerals are collected faster with higher level facilities. § Shopping A Space Market is available at your Command Center to allow access to the player-to-player-trading market and general market. § Mining Mineral facilities generate mineral income which can be used for research or whatever. § Defenses Defensive structures can be built and upgraded and positioned. If you are attacked then positioning could be important to protect your buildings. o Outposts These are small space stations for trade or mining minerals § Defenses You can equip your defensive structures with whatever weaponry you have available You can upgrade them for increased base damage resistance and shielding § Bonuses Outposts will yield a bonus - either minerals, technology research, a special shop item availability or currency. o Planets § Defenses Planets yield bigger bonuses and have more defense slots so they're harder to overtake. § Bonuses Outposts yield a currency income bonus or a mineral bonus depending on their type. o The Ship Your ship is commanded by a Captain of your choice Ships have weapons slots, special slots, and shield slots. The number of these is based on the type of hull you have. Its your own personal Haymaker, Death Star, Bringer of Doom. § Navigation o Radar Basic 2d radar system with short local range, Allies, Enemies, Planets, Outposts, etc… o Galaxy Map Multilevel – Zone and Full zoom levels, players not shown. Zone shows Planets, Outposts, Bases & Spaceports in your nearby zones, no players shown. § Combat o Weapon Types § Cartridge - #1 Fast - rapid fire – low dmg (gattling) § Incendiary - #2 Mid – juggle speed and damage – explosive / incendiary § Laser - #3 Mid – juggle speed and damage – direct laser fire § Rocket - #4 Slow – big damage, slow reload – missles and bombs o Shields § Undecided, for now they just protect your hull, shields take dmg first, then hull. Typical… o Special Slots § Plugin slots, buffs items, boosters, chip addons, etc… o Captains Captains are the core of the battle and boost the ship significantly, Captain level is capped until you “train him” and stack “certifications” on to him. Doing so will improve whatever quality you choose. To explain; if you farm npc’s and get him to level 10, he stops gaining xp until you pay to train him with currency and minerals and that will unlock up to level 15, then he cant learn further until you train him again. Training him will improve whatever attributes you choose or his proficiency with a particular weapon genre. Basically typical Hero schematics with a few twists. You can fire your captain and hire better ones at any time, there should be generic, typical Captain’s and more difficult to attain Captain’s that are rare and give you better bonuses. I’m not sure in what fashion I want to make a player able to get a new Captain yet, but it could be in a number of ways. o Enemies NPC’s, MOB’s, whatever, you blow them up, they’re all over the place, some zones harder than others.. pretty typical here. Simple stuff. Pirates randomly attack player bases and raid your loot and saved minerals stored there. o AI The AI is very stupid for now. Hostile NPC’s: If a player is in range, it will attack and follow until the between range => x. If 2 players are in range it will attack the one doing the most damage and roll random attacks to any player in range and choose to follow whomever it is currently locked on to. Most dmg attacker first, random rolls second. The range break-off allows players with better engines to escape easier by putting distance between the npc and their own ship quickly, forcing the break off. Upon break off the npc will return to its original position when it engaged the attack. Eventually random skill usage can be enabled and harder npc's can use abilities more often than easy npc's. § Controls o Moving Right click and hold to push the ship in that direction. Left click will select things, planets, players, npc’s, etc… o Attacking Left click and hit Ctrl+A will engage attack mode, your weapons will fire off based on their reload times. Attacking will consume some energy. o Special Functions Special abilities and functions will be executable with a cooldown and consume energy from your ship. Special functions will consume a lot of energy. o Energy Energy will be consumed when using abilities or attacking with your weapons. It will be regenerated slowly based on your standard ship’s regen rate or you can boost it with special abilities to amplify the output or something techy and nerdy that does that kind of thing. Items to turbo charge your energy generator temporarily will be available at a cost and have a timed cooldown to prevent heavy reliance on it or abuse of the item. You hull and other things should help regen – not items. So thats the basic concept, you're the Man with the ship, you hire a Captain, he has stats, xp bar, etc, give bonuses to your ship. You upgrade the ship, train the Captain and take over new space stations to increase your income so you can get more upgrades and new hull types to carry more epic equipment for more destruction. The basic goal is take over the galaxy, players fight over outposts and planets for the bonuses. If the personal space station for each player and having a point in the galaxy is too dense, maybe there can be main bases that have their personal property within them to save "Galactic real estate" if you will. I'd like feedback on the concept. I think the main thing is taking over property and getting the bonuses so you can upgrade more stuff. The general look and feel should be non-realistic, starcrafty, somewhat over the top cool fun. in the galaxy if you fly up to a planet the planet should only be lik 4x the size of your ship if that gives you an idea of the way i feel about the scale of things. The colors and general feel would be saturated and vibrant, jungle planets would be jungly, asteroid planets would be all gloom-n-doomy... the way i see it looking is exaggerated to its atmosphere and some planets would be very fantasy-esque if they had big mineral bonuses. Graphically it would eventually be most comparative to the graphics of SC2 with less GUI. Thanks
  9. zerobounds

    Behold, the quintessential noob

    Wow - that's very helpful and informative, thanks for taking the time to post it. Currently I'm working out a concepts document so i can get a handle on what i need. I'll probably be in the mIRC channel pretty often looking for help with stuff, i think there's a lot of generic stuff i can collect from older posts and tutorials though.
  10. zerobounds

    Behold, the quintessential noob

    bummer.. there were 3 options and i chose Photon after noticing the 50 free ccu version since its definately all i'll need to play with implementation right now... Why is it hard? It's recommended on the Unity website. For now the game i have in mind is pretty simple, start with a space station, a location in the universe and a ship. For now I just want to create something functional where I can fly my spaceship around and blow up other brainless spaceships with a simple AI that attacks you if you're in range (or whomever is doing the most damage and in range). The enemies give XP, drop loot/salvage and you use that buy junk for your ship, ie new weapons and shields from your space station. Eventually I want a view where you can enter the station in an RTS setting and build or upgrade buildings and purchase buff items but thats on the backburner since i want a working foundation first of course. I want it to be a locked 3d isometric view with a radar minimap locating enemies, allies and other space stations as simple ping dots from your current position. In the future I'd like to get creative with level up perks, different commanders for your spaceship, guild/team/alliance setups for players and all that jazz but.... my main target is getting the ship gameplay working and connecting players and giving them relogging abilities with retained data on the server. in a nutshell (1) 3D isometric view (2) Super simplistic AI script for npc's (3) Minimap / Radar (4) Interchangeable item system that affect your damage, health, and other defined attributes unique to each player (5) Small galaxy area to begin blasting away, all space views, starry background. I'm not too concerned with proportions and stuff, for instance when you fly up to a planet its really only 4x the size of your graphical ship... i'm going for ideas and principles right now. Any help is really just super appreciated, I'm running through the Unity tutorials right now and it seems perfect if i can make it do what i want. I know what my scripting and programming feats are but im not sure how to approach and tackle them yet and that is whats consuming most of my time at this point.
  11. zerobounds

    Behold, the quintessential noob

    So after I clicked post I saw the link to the noob FAQ. Of course. I started looking at Unity 3.3.0 with ExitGames Photon Server with the free license. Gonna download and check it out tonight when i get home. Any suggestions for this combo? helpful content links?
  12. Yup, another one is here. a little background... when I was like 16 i started modeling in 3dsmax and got into some inde groups as a hobby mostly using the torque engine long ago, did some character modeling freelance stuff on turbosquid and sold some soundtracks to a few companies. Been working with 3dsmax and FL studio for almost 10 years now on a hobby level. Currently I'm in the oil field doing 3d modeling and animation. Had a huge passion for games when i was younger and still get all giggly when i play some good rpg's. So now I'm older now and i decided i need to start programming because i don't have enough anxiety and frustration in my life and this would surely be the best solution to remedy that void. I used to play mmo's with my brothers & some friends and i beta'd at least 15 games through to release and it was some amazing fun we had. I started learning C++ with learcpp.com and it's not proving to be too difficult so I've started looking for an engine and there are way more choices than i anticipated... What i want is a 2d or 3d MMO space game, i want it as simple as i can get - you get a spaceship and fly around the universe blowing up mobs for xp and can also atack enemy players real time, not turn based. This boils down to databases and networking serverside i guess (havent got into the requirements yet) and a simple game foundation i can work with. I'm totally willing tto buy an engine but i'd prefer something open source. 2d is fine if its an isometric engine but the flat top-down anime mmo's dont appeal to me. So that gives me a little bit of everything, networking, mmo growth, server side content control and plenty of programming challenges to make my brain meltdown for years to come. If its really too complex for a noob then I can shoot for an RTS engine with multiplayer support and then i can just do a space rts without all the complex level-up mmo stuff. I really just don't have a clue where to start, i'm learning some C++ but i dont know what engine will work best for my needs. Thanks
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