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  1. ArunHaridas

    Help GameMaker won't open.

    Try reinstall Game Maker, or disconnect internet and ignore updates
  2. ArunHaridas

    Website development

    You can simply make website with wordpress (visit www.wordpress.org) You can create website with wordpress (visit www.wordpress.org)
  3. Create a batch file and write code like this   @echo off assoc .mpeg=YourVPlayer assoc .mp4=YourVPlayer assoc .mp3=YourVPlayer assoc .wav=YourVPlayer [Write all the extensions that your software supports type YourVPlayer=[Your software exe file path]   save as anyname.bat You can use in you vedio player setup file or SFX file and run it automatically after installation   I think usefull. Arun Haridas
  4. ArunHaridas

    How to do in indie game

    Iam from India, Iam developing indie games I want to add a name like company name like abc games or xyz game studios in the game. I am I need to register anywere? Thank you      [Sorry my English is too poor]
  5. ArunHaridas

    2d fighting game

    How drow a 2d fighting game sprites.  Is each part of the body and join or full animation?? [Sorry My English is very poor]
  6. ArunHaridas

    Best language to start programming?

    If you are good in programming use languages like java. If your programming is average good I recoment  use love2d game engine( love2d.org ) If you hate or don't know programming use software like Game Maker, game Editor or Construct or Compil games game develop.    Q.N: Use Java if you good in programming. limit is you brain but it is time consuming.  Use Game Maker if you wank to make easily faster. but limited to game maker software.
  7. ArunHaridas

    In Linux

    I think blender game engine is a better choice in Linux. 
  8. It fully depend upon the tool you use to create game...
  9. ArunHaridas


    Try Love2d
  10. ArunHaridas

    A gaming PC

    Powerfull Pc is better to create and an Average power PC is better to test the game...
  11. Hello friends, i just started to game developing. please tell me how to move an object in any angle (maths)? If angle = angle to move x1 = current x position y1 = current y position sp = distance to move then what will be the position of the object after moving 'sp' distance of angle 'angle' from position (x1,y1) [Mathematical equation] Thank you
  12. ArunHaridas

    Question about gamedev

    game engines like Love2d( www.love2d.org ) and egsl are simple and powerfull 2d game engines. and they and very easy to study.
  13. Hi friends, I am a beginner and I want to publish my game as freeware. Am I need to purchase any freeware license? If not how can I write the license file? making copy idea of a freeware license from any software is illegal? If I publish a game as freeware, Can I publish future version as commercial? Thank you.
  14. which is better in : creating many small games or create a large game ? Thank you
  15. I am live in India. I want to publish my game as shareware. What are the step to do this from 0-1-2-3 steps. (law, license, etc)
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