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    Printf acting weird

    Thanks for all the fast responses!  Fixed it and it works now - I should probably be thankful my compiler/runner is in safe mode :D
  2. HelloSkitty

    Printf acting weird

    I am trying to debug a program in order to find the cause of a segmentation fault.  So I commented all of the code and slowly uncommented from the start to find the location of the segmentation fault.  This was successful and I have discovered the function that is causing it.  Then, I decided to add a printf to the start of that function, and oddly enough nothing printed.  I then added printf to the calling function, and nothing printed there either.  So in the same manner of finding the location of the segmentation fault, I set about finding the place my program stopped printing.  And I did.  It was the line:   retVal->maxSize=10;   And I have no idea why.  All of the relevant code is here:   circular.h typedef struct Quote { unsigned int time; double rate; } quote; typedef struct CBuf { unsigned int maxSize; unsigned int size; unsigned int first; unsigned int last; quote* arrayPointer; } cbuf; cbuf* cbuf_init(); void cbuf_delete(cbuf* cb_ptr); void cbuf_update(cbuf* cb_ptr,unsigned int time,double rate); double cbuf_average(cbuf* cb_ptr); quote* cbuf_start(cbuf* cb_ptr); quote* cbuf_end(cbuf* cb_ptr); void cbuf_dump(cbuf* cb_ptr); void cbuf_stats(cbuf* cb_ptr);   circular.c #include "circular.h" #include <stdlib.h> #include <stdio.h> cbuf* cbuf_init() { printf("cbufinit\n"); cbuf* retVal; printf("makingretval\n"); printf("%d\n",(*retVal).maxSize); retVal->maxSize=10; printf("9\n"); retVal->size=0; retVal->first=0; retVal->last=0; quote* quotes=malloc(10*sizeof(quote)); retVal->arrayPointer=quotes; return retVal; } // More code below, but this is the only function that is called // makingretval and -72537468 are printed // 9 is not printed   main6a.c #include <stdio.h> #include <stdlib.h> #include "circular.h" int main() { printf("start\n"); printf("1\n"); cbuf *cb1 ; printf("2\n"); cb1 = cbuf_init() ; printf("3\n"); return 0 ; } // 1 and 2 are printed // 3 is not printed     Everything compiles fine, it is simply that printf does not seem to work at all following the retVal->maxSize=10; line.  In a separate run, I added a getchar call after the printf("3\n") which ran fine.  So the program is still getting to the end with no issue.  I just want to know why it is not printing.   Thanks!
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