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  1. To answer the sticking question I did first write it in Word and then pasted it over, oddly on my side I didn't notice any problems when I posted it. I will defiantly stick to my studies, currently I have a 3.8 (hopefully I can keep it at that or higher), I am just looking something to fill time where I have nothing better to do, but want to be productive and improve my programming. Is there any projects going on that you recommend Roots or websites that have a good selection? Is the project your working on a good start or do you think it might be to much for me? I don't mind spending my time on something for free as long as I learn something and have fun. Also how do you like working in Austin? I ask because it is the main reason that I went to school there because I thought I would have a lot of opportunities to intern places(which if everything goes well should be this coming school year). Thank you all for the recommendations so far, I now feel better of not having pushed my self more to learn more and am no longer frustrated about it . Anymore suggestion's of course will also be very appreciated.
  2. Well it is game design because I would like to know how its all done and be able to do a good bit of it myself, while at the same time accomplishing the programming aspects of it. Yet, I was just seeking help with the programming side since its what I need to work on before I need to really worry about implementing anything that I draw.
  3. Trying to make me well rounded I see, never a bad thing.
  4. That is probably the best idea, but part of me doesn't want to wait. Yet, I know if I do things will work out better for me. Right now I am St. Edward's University in Austin, TX, which is a very nice school but they don't have a lot to offer outside of the traditional computer science field. The chance that I do get are what they call Independent Study and then possible Internships that I can also grab. Last year they also started a Video Game class where they made games using the Unreal development kit, i think. Now depending on if that class did well enough to become apart of the offered classes I will defiantly grab up that one. Until then I will work on my drawing skills, but is there anything else that you guys would recommend? Also keep in mind I am not seeking to make a full blown on game, especially not alone. I am just looking at making a simple sidescroller and then maybe a turn based rpg.
  5. I guess I should first start out by telling everyone a littleabout myself. I am a sophomore computer science major with two full semestersof java under my belt, along with some high school classes but let’s be honestthose were never taught well enough to learn much. Next is my status with what Iknow about game programming, which is very little but for what it’s worth hereit is. I have gone through Beginning Java Game Programming second edition byJonathan S. Harbour and Pro Android Games. Harbour’s book was an okay starterbook, but it left a lot to be desired and seemed to be more focused on peoplewho had very little to no understanding of java. Now Pro Android Games was alsookay, but only because it wasn’t focused on those really starting video gameprogramming but more on how to put your game on an android device. It also waslacking for me in that he was using C++ instead of Java, which is fine but Iwanted to focus on Java and not go back and brush up on my C++. After all of these books I never felt like I reallylearned much besides the very basics. I still had no idea how to really get agame off the ground and get it working. So what I ended up doing was takingtheir code and then trying to revamp it to work for small games that I had inmind. For the most part this would work if I was doing something similar totheirs, but then would fall flat on my face with anything different. This alsoshowed to me that I still didn’t truly grasp the concept of how to make games.I just had the knowledge how the code works and could fool around enough were Icould change things up, but never really make anything. What I really want todo is make a game for android phones. I have already made small things for it,really thanks to Hello, Android by Ed Burnette, but that books purpose was tolearn how to program for android, not make games. Now this for right now isjust a hobby for me to do. I have also of course looked at Androids open sourcecode games like Replica Island, but I was still too confused of why some of thecode worked and what I needed to do to start from scratch and make my way up. CurrentlyI have just really been dabbling and learning what I can here and there, buthave been to busy this summer working to really put in a good effort. Maybe Ineed to first start with an already made Game Engine but the student in mewants to know how every little thing works, yet if I need to just suck it up thenjust tell me lol. Right now I am also trying to get better at drawing on my Wacomtablet so I can hopefully make all the art I would need for game. Also it’sjust fun! (even though I am really not that good, but one day right?) Okay,now we begin the real point of this post. What do you recommend on mybackground to get started truly learning to program for video games, keep inmind I would like to stay in Java and would like to use it to then laterprogram for android phones. Along with that question what books do yourecommend for that or what articles or blogs you have come across. However, I reallyprefer to stick with books because I find them easier to shift through thenwebsite tutorials. I have looked through a couple of posts here seeing ifanyone has had the same problem as I do, but it seems that most of those peopledon’t have any knowledge of a programming language and so first are sent off tolearn a language first and get comfortable programming in it. Well right now I feelthat I am more than comfortable programming, I know some assembly language(ohwhat a fun class that was coming from high level programming firsts), C++,little xml, and Java(which I prefer to program in since I have taken twosemesters of just recently so it’s still fresh on the brain). So I am new tothe forums and hoping to meet a lot of great people and any help you can givewould be of great help! Thanks in advance.
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