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  1. I wanted to share one of my favorite youtube channels. It belongs to my friend Gustavo (El Guzii). Great to learn... http://t.co/hdUHacQj
  2. So far its been a great stay here in Edmonton. I just finished getting a tour of the city and will continue with... http://t.co/SUfDFS7j
  3. Full-screen HD: http://t.co/Rw9Q3dS Video is intended to show the story... http://t.co/u8nXtQA
  4. Which flare is a better fit? :) http://t.co/N7zEdJC
  5. More progress shots posted in Polycount forums :) . http://t.co/Olp9QnN
  6. Major Update! Aug 27, 2011 * Expanded room and added more test tubes. * Introduced an animated fan with dynamic... http://t.co/ODHtbRA
  7. Update to show progress of my Sci-Fi environment. Full-screen HD:... http://t.co/t56y2J3
  8. Critiques Welcome: Trying to make it looked as if a Monster escaped from there. Same one that destroyed the wall.... http://t.co/PZoLr06
  9. Finishing details for Arctic Facility: Image 01 - Exterior:... http://t.co/YCWZN5a
  10. New Tutorial!: This is the first tutorial of the series titled ‘Level Design Memoirs’. The series will show how I... http://t.co/lLConm2
  11. 3DBrushwork

    New Tutorial: ‘Overgrown’

    This is the first tutorial of the series titled ‘Level Design Memoirs’. The series will show how I approach level design in my environments, and the thought process behind creating the individual assets. The first installment is titled “Overgrown” which focuses on creating the illusion of overgrown plants and how it affects the surrounding architecture. It also focuses on techniques that I’ve gathered throughout the years in regards to creating appealing distribution of these assets throughout the scene. Download Here Preview: For the future: There is plenty to come for future installments of this 'Level Design Memoirs' series. The reason the series is titled 'Memoirs' is because they are a collection of knowledge that I have gathered from firsthand experience and personal observation. Therefore I will try to avoid using content that is not produced by me. Here is a sneak peak of a future installment: I will use my latest environment titled 'Arctic Facility' to demonstrate my approach on modular building and lighting. (Click on image or here to view video) Best Regards, Julio Juarez
  12. Check out my latest work 'Arctic Facility', made using 3D Studio Max, Photoshop, and UDK. http://t.co/okveV8w
  13. 3 New Additions ~ Snow Rubble: http://t.co/ONpunNr Secondary... http://t.co/KW6j6se
  14. Sci-Fi Corridor Near Completion. http://t.co/GVfXBLE
  15. WIP - Tijuana Taco Shop! Coloring, detailing, design and layout by me. Character line work by Ana Ituarte. http://t.co/wmlABgi
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