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  1. I call it the 'tennis problem'. Imagine a networked tennis game, the ball is hit from one person to another, assume that the path of the ball is sent and not the location of the ball, this allows for predictability, because we know where and when the ball is going to land, and therefore we can have a nice synced game, we can just speed up/ slow down the velocity of the ball to do this. However consider when the two players are very close to each other (right next to the net), in LAN circumstances this wouldn't be a problem, but suppose we had a 1 second delay in our connection, the ball that player A hits will have traveled passed player B by the time player B received the message that player A had hit the ball. What can you do in this situation? The only thing I can think of is teleport the ball back to the correct position and risk ruining all immersion, surely there is a better way. Hopefully you were able to follow the example, I'd like to hear your thoughts on this 'tennis problem' and what strategies could be used to overcome it. Thanks Happy Holidays/ Happy New Year
  2. 3dbuzz did a fantastic video tutorial series on openGL I was just wondering if anyone knows of anyone who has done something similar, as in from the ground up video tutorials. Thanks.