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  1. dangermoose

    How much longer can Trump/Trumpism last?

    ChaosEngine, my problem is there's virtually nowhere to go anymore to *NOT* read this. There is no where to escape the constant, constant deluge of political crap we have to endure daily. Hourly. Minutely. I can't escape to a movie anymore without seeing a writer or actor with an agenda. I can't watch a sporting event without an announcer or player making some political statement. Other social media sites are a complete joke with self-professed issue experts who really know nothing about most of the topic feel the need to spew their opinions out to the ether and insight flame wars for some bizarre type of gratification. I can't even sit down at a family dinner table anymore due to the vastly disparate views within my own family. So excuse me if just seeing a politically-charged title in a venue where I, as a game developer, am hoping to learn, get inspired, and be able to escape from the daily din of the nonsense of politics, irks me. I have very strong opinions on this particular topic but I would not share them here as, for me, it is just not the right venue to do so. I guess I am surprised there are few people that seem to feel the same.
  2. dangermoose

    How much longer can Trump/Trumpism last?

    Thanks. If that functionality could be implemented it would be great. As a game dev I come here for inspiration and community support; not for the divisiveness and angst of political diatribe I find everywhere else.
  3. dangermoose

    How much longer can Trump/Trumpism last?

    Post reported due to irrelevance to this site. This is not the forum for politics.
  4. Can anyone recommend a tutorial or offer help about how to design a simple two-player turn-based game to work over a network using two separate clients or a client/server model? I want the game to do the following: - randomize who goes first - show where on a game board an opposing player's mouse(pointer) is hovering Thanks in advance! -Moose
  5. dangermoose

    Humble Introductions and Lofty Aspirations

    You have a few different options. For a simplistic 2D game, I recommend SDL. Very simple to use, fairly clean code, very portable (you could post your source code on the internet and even collaborate with other developers who do not even own Windows), well documented and plenty of online tutorials. I recommend LazyFoo's SDL tutorials: http://lazyfoo.net/S...rials/index.php [/quote] Sorry to make you repeat yourself, nfries88. I appreciate the tip. Thanks. SDL and lazyfoo.net looks like a good place to start. I might start with a 2D game just to get it working but I think i need to have a "player perspective" and an "overhead view" for the game board- and I don't know if that will require 3D viewing or not. Thanks again! -Moose
  6. dangermoose

    Humble Introductions and Lofty Aspirations

    Wanted to say thank you for those who provided me with advice- it has helped quite a bit. I think I've made the decision to code this in C++. I've already got quite a bit of the backend code done in VBA which I simply have to translate into C++, which after a bit of self-education doesn't look like it will take too long to do. I think the greatest challenge for me is going to be understanding what i think are called "bindings"? Having used Microsoft Access as a "platform", if you will, i simply took a couple of database forms and tied the graphics to various controls (buttons) on that form. Can someone advise a good resource for learning/understanding the concept of tying a game backend to a SDK (if I'm saying that correctly?) -Moose
  7. dangermoose

    Humble Introductions and Lofty Aspirations

    Could you explain this? This claim seems pretty amazing to me. Also, as for coding the game, I'd look into HTML5. [/quote] Be happy to. I appreciate your skepticism and the opportunity to explain. A dear friend of mine has been doing humanitarian work in Mexico and Central America for a number of years. I met him as a foreign exchange student from Brazil while he was studing something like anthropology or Latin American studies at SDSU. We exchange correspondence every so often, he to tell of his travels and I to tell him what life is like here since he left. Back in late 2004 he sent me an enthusiastic message about his experience in a small village in the Sierra Norte region of Mexico. Apparently their is a large population of Nahuatl (descendants of the Aztecs) there. He had visited a small mercantile shop and eyed a unique adobe table with diamond-shaped impressions on it. The shopkeeper informed him it is "Itzcoatl - a game played by generations of my people." At first, Andreo thought that this might be a version of Patolli, (a well-known boardgame played by the Aztecs featured in some of the Aztec Codices) but the shopkeeper explained it is not Patolli. He and his family sat down with Andreo and he showed him stones used to play the game, and shared stories and legend about the game and their heritage. When Andreo asked why he had never seen nor heard anything about the game the shopkeeper smiled and said, "...there is much about our history not to know." In his letter to me, Andreo explained that much of the Aztec ancient history was destroyed not just by the Conquistadores but by the leaders of the Aztecs themselves. In an ironic twist of fate the shopkeeper said to him that if there ever was any written account of this game, it was destroyed over 600 years ago, proabably by the Aztec leader for which the game is named, Itzcoatl (he was the fourth ruler of the Aztecs who was instrumental in their rise to dominant power in Central America in the 15th century.) Any knowledge about Itzcoatl has simply been passed down from generation to generation. Unfortunately, when he asked how the game was played, the shopkeeper tried his best to explain the rules but no one in his family had actually played it. Much of the actual rules and gameplay has truly been lost to antiquity. As an avid fan of all types of games (not just computer) I was highly intrigued by his letter and after numerous exchanges we proceeded to "realize" the game ourselves. We developed an interpretation of the original game which is exciting, fast-paced and downright fun to play. It also has a few great "spoilers" in it. The prototype of the board game has shown us the game is also extremely addictive as most people who have tried it want to play it over and over. There is much more history and stories to tell but that will be tied into the marketing and further development when we actually go into serious production. -Moose
  8. dangermoose

    Humble Introductions and Lofty Aspirations

    Ok! I'm getting it! This helps out quite a bit, Koobs. Thanks. A couple of quick follow ups tho- Although this is a card game and, thus a turn-based game, there is an element in the game that requires the opponent to see a _MouseHover event from the player on the game board, that would probably be too taxing for AJAX/JavaScript implementation- and even if it were possible the motion would not be terribly fluid. (though couldn't the _MouseHover calls be handled with UDP and actual game play be handled with TCP? Or do I even know what I'm talking about?) If web standards are an issue I agree I'd rather steer away from flash, however, with an intent to make this cross-platform, aren't their AJAX/JavaScript limitations with mobile phones, or would the client for those have to be more of an "app" (written in, oh, perhaps Python?) Thanks again! -Moose
  9. dangermoose

    Humble Introductions and Lofty Aspirations

    Koobs, Thanks for the response! I think at this point what I really need is a consultant to look at what I have and give me some advice on what I would need to do next. Although I'm very do-it-yourself and still want to learn better backend coding as well as develop some artistic talent on the frontent, I think I'd really like to hire a programmer and/or artist to help me finish. My goal is to get the game released before Dec 21st 2012 (as that is the end date of the Aztec calendar would have a great marketing tie-in ) Your suggestion about Flash with PHP/MySQL is intriguing to me as I already have much of the backend code in MS Access now. I have some MySQL administration experience so I don't think that would be a stretch for me to understand. If I can pick your brain a little on this idea? The idea I have for this project is have people log into a gaming and information site that keeps and maintains some basic user info, game statistics (wins, losses, points accrued, etc.), and maintains a "locker" of sorts for power-ups, achievements, rankings, etc. On the site they can challenge players, play against a computer opponent, learn how the game is played, "watch" a match (ladder matches). If I were to go with Flash and PHP/MySQL - when a match is being played between two people, what would the model look like? (Again, forgive me, the only thing I know less about coding is web development...) Would MySQL server handle not only login information but also live gameplay (tblCards, tblHand1, tblGameBoard, etc.) or would there need to be some intermediary server that would have to have an instance generated on a server that both clients would have to log in? or would one of the clients have to act as a game server? Again, thanks for the advice! -Moose
  10. dangermoose

    Humble Introductions and Lofty Aspirations

    If you could narrow down all that into some discrete questions, that would probably better net you some good answers. How to ask good questions [/quote] Sorry, Tom... you're right, I didn't really ask a good question. Thanks for the hyperlink... I guess I have a few questions: I know a little about coding but the object-oriented stuff confuses me- and I don't find the "Class Rectangle()" examples at all helpful. Do you know a good tutorial or book for someone like me to better understand objects/classes and best practices for OOP frameworking? Also, would anyone have recommendations on an easy-to-use SDK for modeling cartoon-style characters in 3D? And finally, has anyone ever put together a sucessful business plan for a game they have developed and might they have any suggestions for someone looking to develop one? Thanks again, -Moose (p.s. - BTW Tom, I just realized, your website (Sloperama) was really a great information resource for me while I was designing the game board, cards and instruction manual back in 2007! Thanks for that!)
  11. Greetings, gamedev.net! This looks like a wonderful forum- one I hope to learn from but also contribute to. I am not so much a "game designer" or "coder" as I am a project manager. I suppose I am a "coder" in the crudest and most rudimentary sense of the word (as you will see.) I am looking for some advice (or help, for any that might be interested) on how to proceed with development on a game I have been working on since 2006. Through a series of very fortunate events an associate of mine and I discovered a "board game" believed to have been played by the ancient Aztecs; a game thought to have been lost to antiquity. An accounting guy by trade, In my spare time I created an interpretation of the game as a card/board game of which I produced a prototype in 2007 and demonstrated at the 2007 TGIFCon in Orlando to great reviews. I then took a three-year hiatus from development to get married and domesticate myself and leave the accounting world to pursue a career as a business systems analyst. Not to bore you with any more of the details of my personal life, we have decided the best way to promote the game is to develop the game as a social/casual online game, so I have undertaken the massive project of trying to develop a prototype of the game using my limited skills in.... VBA. That's right, VBA. I actually designed the game to play using Microsoft Access. Why? Well it is the only real language I knew at the moment- i'm really lost when it comes to class/object understanding. Anyway, I am very motivated to move forward to produce a viable prototype that can be played in head-to-head over a network. [attachment=3723:Game.jpg] I already have most of the game working now in Access, but I need to create a far better framework (such as to not use database tables as stacks for a deck of cards or a hand.) So I guess what I am looking for as far as advice goes is suggestions on my next steps (Focus on learning better coding, advice for developing a front-end, integrating into a website, etc.) Thanks in advance! Dangermoose Peoria, AZ
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