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  1. Greeting friends, My name is Irvin and I'm a game addict, recently I've decided to make my addiction more productive so I decided to make games instead of just playing them. I have no programming background safe for some basic html and pascal I did years ago which I've already mostly forgotten. I am a "visionary" according to a wiki I read online, that is: I can see what the game I want to create looks like and how it plays. At the moment I'm self learning C++ from [url=""][/url] which I consider to be a good starting point since they start from the very basic. I really know not where else to start or what else to do to realize my dreams. My long term goal is to make an isometric RPG, my short term goal is to complete some small games as a learning experience. Games include: Teris Pong Pacman point and click adventure 2D fighting game My current gold is to make pong, I'm planning to make it to completion so that it has a title screen, score screen, control config, and all the things a completed game has. I'm planning to use C++ to do it. I know I'm like a man stranded in a desert without a compass walking in one direction hoping to reach an oasis. And I'm here asking for a helping hand. Any kind of help would be appreciated be it simple advice or suggestions to adding me on MSN to be my friend and tutor. If you're a veteran programmer and kind enough to share your experience I thank you for your kindness, if you're someone like myself, a beginner trying to learn and looking for someone to climb these long steps with me together I welcome you by my side. My msn is foxcool at hotmail dot com. I will continue down my path regardless, but it would be great if I didn't had to do it alone and without a guide. Would you be my compass? Sincerely yours, Irvin.