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  1. Where would a degree in both computer science and engineering get me? How far into the industry? I'm also planning to double major in business management with a concentration in small business. Would this be a good set-up to start my own studio, most likely indie?
  2. AquaLungs

    Creating website, question

    So bottomline is i can have the site, and can sell things i develop on it without a license as long as i report it formtaxes, but if i create a team down the road itd be best to register a business? Also, does it cost anything to register a business in the US?
  3. AquaLungs

    Creating website, question

    I'm currently 17, turning 18 in a few days. So my first game should be done by the end of my fall semester in college. Once instartvselling it online to my own name all i need to do is report it for my taxes? But say i have a few trusted friends join me (3 or 4) and sell it under the company name, i'd then need to register as say an LLC?
  4. AquaLungs

    Creating website, question

    So would i need to register as a business and get a business license first before I'm able to sell my products from the website? I'm from the US, by the way.
  5. I'm creating a website like (insertnamehere)studios.com which will show off new projects I'm working on like games, etc. Would I need to register it as a business before I put a copyright (sitename) or something of that matter? Also, would I need to register it as a business and get a business license before I sell my products? Even if I'm the only "employee"?
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