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  1. They want to pass a cyber crime bill? The don't even know what a blog is. You expect these leaders to lead us to progress when they can't even give themselves the time to at least get acquainted with the technology.
  2. Naiwan pa nag baon sa bahay.Badtrip.
  3. TristanAnselT.Angeles

    Radom level generation

    Thanks for the replies! I'll check these out. By the way, I want to use it for something like "The Binding of Isaac" or for a platformer, so yeah its for dungeons more than open terrain.
  4. TristanAnselT.Angeles

    Radom level generation

    Hi! I would like to learn about generating random levels for a game. Where should I start learning this from? What topics should I look into(and understand)? Recommendations for books,tutorials, examples and anything else that might help would also be great. Thanks!
  5. TristanAnselT.Angeles

    What I need to know to make a flash game

    Hi! I'm interested in making the graphics in CS and coding in Flash Develop(I'm just using FlashDevelop now). How do I go about doing this?Thanks! A noob question, why is it bad to develop in the Flash IDE:? Are there any significant changes in the gameplay?
  6. TristanAnselT.Angeles

    Making levels for games

    Hi! I would like to know how one goes about making levels for games? Does one need to use an editor or something?I've read some stuff about using text files to design the levels so how does one go about doing this? Thanks!
  7. TristanAnselT.Angeles

    Dividing game between files

    Yes, I mean how to divide source code between files. Oh, and I'm using Python and Pygame right now.
  8. TristanAnselT.Angeles

    Dividing game between files

    Hello! Ok, I'm getting the hang of state machines after a few people here directed me to some articles. Now I've found that my code is getting too long and I want to know how people usually divide their game into files. I know that different programmers may each have their own way of doing this but perhaps their is a way for a beginner to do this. Thanks!
  9. TristanAnselT.Angeles

    Making menu screen for games and levels

    Thanks for the links to the articles! I'm reading them now and they're exactly what I was looking for!
  10. TristanAnselT.Angeles

    Making menu screen for games and levels

    Hi! I'm having trouble with adding a menu screen for my game. How does one exactly program this into the game? Do I make a new screen(for pygame) for the menu screen before going to the main game? Do I make a separate class for the menu screen?Is it included in the main loop etc? What about game levels?How are these usually programmed into games? Sorry for the noob question, almost all the tutorials I've found deal with games with one level and no menu screen(it starts with games directly). Any Thanks!
  11. TristanAnselT.Angeles

    Where to start?

    I'm a beginner like you and I've been looking at this site lately. It has great articles. Here it is: http://www.hobbygamedev.com/articles/vol3/from-no-games-to-first-games/ good luck to us!
  12. Hi! A game company in my country is hiring communication graduates(which I am) for a games designer position. The thing is, I need a few games under my belt to at least show some skills or knowledge in game design(designing levels,game mechanics etc.) and I'm thinking of using game maker to make a few games. I'm learning c++ right now and I've heard in some places that using game making tools will make you develop bad programming habits and will slow down my progress. Is this true? Is learning game maker while I'm learning c++ a bad move? Thanks a lot in advance!
  13. TristanAnselT.Angeles

    Can someone help me with this?

    I'm trying this out. Basically, what I want to happen is make the square move and stop where I clicked. So far here's what I've done)got some of the code(like the vector class from a book btw): import pygame,os,sys,math from pygame.locals import* white=(255,255,255) green=(0,255,0) blue=(0,0,255) red=(255,0,0) black=(0,0,0) class Creep: def __init__(self,x,y): self.x=x self.y=y self.clicked=0 # creep is not activate self.speed=100 self.location=(self.x,self.y) self.image=pygame.draw.rect(screen,white,[self.x,self.y,10,10]) self.image.center=(self.x,self.y) def draw(self): self.x=position.x self.y=position.y self.image=pygame.draw.rect(screen,white,[self.x,self.y,10,10]) self.image.center=(self.x,self.y) class Vector2(object): def __init__(self,x=0,y=0): self.x=x self.y=y def __str__(self): return "(%s,%s)"%(self.x,self.y) @classmethod def from_points(cls,p1,p2): return cls( p2[0]-p1[0],p2[1]-p1[1]) def get_magnitude(self): return math.sqrt(self.x**2+self.y**2) def normalize(self): magnitude=self.get_magnitude() self.x/=magnitude self.y/=magnitude def __add__(self,rhs): return Vector2(self.x+rhs.x,self.y+rhs.y) def __sub__(self,rhs): return Vector2(self.x-rhs.x,self.y-rhs.y) def __neg__(self): return Vector2(-self.x,-self.y) def __mul__(self,scalar): return Vector2(self.x*scalar,self.y*scalar) def __div__(self,scalar): return Vector2(self.x*scalar,self.y*scalar) pygame.init() screen=pygame.display.set_mode((640,480)) clock=pygame.time.Clock() creep1=Creep(320.,240.) position=Vector2(creep1.x,creep1.y) heading=Vector2() final=None while True: for event in pygame.event.get(): if event.type==KEYDOWN: if event.key==K_ESCAPE: pygame.quit() sys.exit() if event.type==MOUSEBUTTONDOWN: destination=Vector2(*event.pos) final=(destination.x,destination.y) heading=Vector2.from_points((position.x,position.y),(destination.x,destination.y)) heading.normalize() time_passed=clock.tick() time_passed_seconds=time_passed/1000. distance_moved=creep1.speed*time_passed_seconds screen.fill(black) creep1.draw() if creep1.image.center!=final: position+=heading*distance_moved pygame.display.flip()
  14. TristanAnselT.Angeles


    So I've been reading some of the articles here, and one of them says to start with Tetris. Does this mean that I should buid my own clone of Tetris or look for other people's tutorial/source code and copy /study it from there? Can anyone direct me to a good source code(with comments) for tetris in python? There's a lot of versions in the pygame website and I don't know where to start. Thanks!
  15. TristanAnselT.Angeles

    New to game development

    Hi! I'm interested in game development(hopefully become an indie game developer someday but not today) and I started learning c++ awhile ago. Anyways, I began with Python(3-4 months,4 hrs a day) and pygame but after looking for books in Amazon, and reading forums I saw that most people recommended c++, and books would usually use c++. Well, learning c++ will probably take sometime time, but while learning it I still want to make some games. So my question is, what tools do you recommend for making games aside from game maker( XNA game studio etc.). I want to make games like those in the experimental gameplay project, just small simple games. Did I make the right choice in studying c++? Because I kind of really like python but in the long run I feel the I can learn more about c++ since most of the game development books use it. -The kind of games I would like to make(in the future at least) are casual games like Diner Dash, hidden object games etc. so with this in mind, what path should I take? -resources on starting game development would be much appreciated Thanks! -Tristan
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