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    Just Wondering...

    Okay's great! Thanks for clearing that up for me!! Maybe I can come to you for questions if that's okay with you.
  2. GoldenWolf

    Wanting to Learn 3D Modeling

    Thanks for the help! ^^
  3. GoldenWolf

    Just Wondering...

    Just wondering, why do many programmers and modelers and the like try to immediately get a paying job in the indie game development market? I thought that indie developers were the one's who are working on games as a hobbyist project until they can get or will never recieve the funding that they needed for their project. It kind of questioned me for a while as I don't really understand the point of hoping to get payed from an indie developer when they are also trying to find a way to get payed themselves. Wouldn't they usually try to get a job at a real AAA company that is actually known? I mean I can understand they are trying to build a portfolio, but why try to get payed if most indie projects are freeware projects?
  4. Hey I am new here as you can see and I'm a 17 year old starting fresh in the game development department. I have a few game design books which I had for a few years and they come with CD programs snd I've learn quite a bit. My interest is in the 2D and 3D art, as I am used to drawing on printing paper. I want to take the next step into doing art on the computer and to soon be able to learn how to make 3D models. As much drawings as I make, I want to be able to do something with them. Video games has always been my interest and i have wrote story's to go with my games, but I need some direction on how to get started and some advice in development.
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