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  1. I suggest that you try the LibGDX library. It makes it relatively simple to setup and develop for Android. One very useful aspect of Libgdx is that single source works on Android, iOS, HTML5 and Desktop. So while coding for Android you can test the app on your desktop first.
  2. esmsfan

    Ideas For In-App Purchasing Do's and Don'ts

    One question that I would like to pose is, why would players choose to skip levels?
  3. esmsfan

    Web game: flash or unity?

    Use the tool that you are most familiar with.
  4. esmsfan

    Unity 3D vs UDK

    Since both of the engines have a free option, try to use both of them and see which one fits your needs. That should answer your programming pros & cons. Marketing depends on your skills and not the engine that you use.
  5. esmsfan

    Mobile Games

    Well, since Cocos2d-x and Corona have already been mentioned, you should also have a look at Marmalade.   I am currently trying out Corona SDK and like the fact that it can be used with Lua.
  6. Good looking game. The video of the game on the tablet does not do justice to the quality of the art work.
  7. This is a small initiative to gather like-minded India Game Developers on Google+. The aim is to support & help each other involved in the game making industry or as a hobby.   India Game Developers   Come join us.
  8.   Construct2 would be my second choice after Scratch, with GameMaker a close third.
  9. While Gamemaker deserves a nod, I would like to propose Scratch. It has its own site dedicated for educators - http://scratched.media.mit.edu/
  10. esmsfan

    Need a 2D game topic for a book

    An RPG as it handles a lot of aspects - tilemaps, collision detection, UI, path-finding, etc.
  11. I use Notepad++, however it does not have the autocomplete/intellisense feature that you may be after. Netbeans also has an ide that you could try.
  12. if you are looking for a framework to ease development time, try Yii-Framework. The cons of using a framework are the overhead involved. I created a browser game without using a framework, and am planning my 2nd game without a framework too.
  13. esmsfan

    Learning to program

    No offense meant, but you should google for a few tutorials for XNA development. I am sure that would have taken you less time that making the post. To get you started off however, have you considered the XNA workshop posts.http://www.gamedev.net/topic/587542-gamedevnet-xna-40-winter-workshop-in-time-for-dbp-2011/
  14. esmsfan

    Game Engine

    Unity3D, may just be good enough for your current requirements. Another engine that supports C# is Neo-Axis, which also provides an FPS template. If you are willing to consider learning a new language, you can look at the Unreal Development Kit, which is geared towards creating FPS games. There are plenty of other engines (Torque 3D, Shiva, C4, etc.) out there. You may need to analyze them and see what meets your requirements.
  15. esmsfan

    Question about gamedev

    Are you interested in game making or game programming? There is some difference in both. If you are interested in game making, then you should use some engines/tools such as Gamemaker/Construct, etc. These will help you create games faster. If your interest lies in programming, then you can continue pursuing java to develop games. I would recommend the first option, as this would give u a headstart in game-making.
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