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  1. Weee two clients connected to the server #gamedev http://t.co/GejricwD
  2. I shouldn't be coding on xmas, but it goes so smoothly can't stop. Merry xmas and happy #coding!
  3. Connection to server and login works now, easy part done, now my code will become messy
  4. Working on the server while listening to xmas music, now it loads maps from the database and move non-aggro monsters
  5. Fixed some bugs in the demo, now you start with an extra crew-member http://t.co/gKllh7c0 #gamedev
  6. I've managed to export the game as a runnable game-file finally, had no idea how to do it till I found an answer somewhere deep down in a forum. There is not much to do in this version except walk around, talk to some npcs, kill some monsters and buy some stuff in a shop. But if you have any feedback on the graphics, controls, gui, battle-system or anything else please tell me. I am going to start working on an online version of this now, so I will pick the good stuff from this and continue developing the concept. Controls: - Arrows UP, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT to move the your crew. - Interact with NPCs and attack monsters with the SPACEBAR. Link to windows-version: http://www.skullboxlabs.com/pirategame
  7. Too big hairdo on my pixelgirl -___-* #pixelart http://t.co/N2ABYtQ3
  8. I am actually done with the basics for half the game which is the "world screen", what is left now is the equally important "battle screen"
  9. And now the town portal is working =D http://t.co/ABHBLR7L
  10. Working on some carpets in the dungeon generator #gamedev http://t.co/PPVzmyws
  11. I've decided to make three different looks for each creature in the game, so they can change appearance as they level up #pokémon style
  12. Added a beach in newbie town, and this means I need to start working on animated textures for the water #pixelart http://t.co/JVhKM1Q5
  13. I have begun working on the first shop in the game: http://t.co/8ZVsRGUL
  14. Added some furniture to the tavern, in the demo you will find #npcs with #quests here and recruits #beastsandpirates http://t.co/VLFePjQU
  15. First attempt at a logo for the game, what do you think? #gamedesign http://t.co/iVW2UkcJ
  16. Made a shelf today, in #pixelart of course, and the npcs are already admiring the fine selection of pixel wines http://t.co/pUP9vUnx
  17. Found some old tavern-graphics I did for another game project, I'm gonna redo this in non-iso #pixelart http://t.co/NTsK6G0o
  18. Added names to the different maps in the game, they are shown briefly when entering an area, need a nicer font though: http://t.co/Wda4aoao
  19. After listening to a 100 @joerogan podcasts I realise that @redban is the ultimate nerd rockstar #winning
  20. Changed the quest-system so that quests can sub quests, that way you can choose to move on or continue helping a npc in order recruit it
  21. finally the lame spiderman-foe kangaroo is dead, but what comes next... the vulture! oh no... #whydoIkeepreading
  22. Reading the #spiderman comic, green goblin is dead and what comes after that... "the kangaroo bounces back!" #worst
  23. Something is wrong in my code, a small blob stole the crown from the blob king! http://t.co/i74GkH0G
  24. Love how buildings are larger inside than outside in #rpggames, here is a screen of a tavern under construction http://t.co/jFuZlNHJ
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