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  1. MrCodeSushi

    Reborn - Official Trailer [2017] by Knife Entertainment

    WOW. The quality and attention to detail just looks amazing. Could you guys do like postmortem of this project? I'd be very interested to know more details how you guys developed your game.
  2. "Anthropologists believe that “modern” humanity appeared about two hundred thousand years ago. Compared to one human life, it may seem old. But in terms of evolutionary cycles, it is in its adolescence and is showing all the characteristics of this, in that it is in search of its identity, is looking for its destiny, is carefree and even reckless, considers itself to be immortal, indulges to excess, defies reason and disregards common sense. This evolutionary stage, with its share of di...
  3. Thank you for the blessings.
  4. Malice and envy is a very powerful force to destroy your relationship with other people. Bless everyone including your enemies. Appreciate their good-hearted nature or qualities. All your vices including selfishness will dissolve then you will experience these no more but bliss and happiness within yourself. The ultimate love is selflessness; when malice, envy, and selfishness completely disappears, you will only feel divine happiness, joy, light, bliss, and lots of love in seeing others be...
  5. @#$%^&*&^$%%&^*^ Gimbal Lock!!!!
  6. Frustums are frustrating! (pun intended)
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