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  1. Where did search go.
  2. Nikster

    Package File Format

    Same as MJP here but we don't store flat list hashes, we either use a hash for full path or hash per directory/file depending on complexity and use a minimal perfect hash for lookup.
  3. Nikster

    A Long-Awaited Check of Unreal Engine 4

    [quote name="LoneDwarf" timestamp="1397672604"]I think pointing out these errors is in somewhat poor taste.  Add in that it was done to further their own goals makes it worse.[/quote] How so? Real world examples are the best kind of examples. Epic even get some of their bugs fixed for free, everyone wins. Still, it highlights as others have said to have SA as part of the development arsenal.
  4. Nikster

    Is GameMaker any good?

    Wasn't 'I wanna be the guy' or the guy games done in GM? Those things are pieces of troll art. :)
  5. Nikster

    UE4, CRYENGINE, and UNITY 5: Will it work?

    As far as I see it, with UE4 you're paying for alpha testing although some would argue beta, unless you become a late adopter by which time the license model may have changed. So you're likely to have to pay more than $19 + 5% as in n x $19 + 5% just to make sure you have something stable to release. As for Unity, hard to tell as it's not available yet, but might be stable enough that you'd really only need to pay on month subscription so worth the higher price point. CryEngine? No idea, maybe it will fall in to the same state as UE4 but cheaper, have to wait until May to find out. But if you look beyond the bullet price points. Playing with UE4 at least, maybe CryEngine as well, what you'll pick up with these could be beneficial to go work for some company in the industry, else to create games yourself Unity depending on scale of project and target audience. But as Ashaman said, more than likely you can work with existing tech for a lot cheaper.
  6. Well, in your example, in a video game you have to create a house.
  7. Hrm, sorry then I've no idea, I've never used other attributes alongside xmlns, however with attributes I wouldn't have thought ordering of attributes to be an issue when parsing the actual data, is this something that's causing a problem with the data you're saving an is being used by something else or is it just an annoyance visually? XmlSerializer serializer = new XmlSerializer(GetType(), DefaultNamespace); This is the line that appears to be appending the namespace name itself to the attribute list and there seems to be no way of specifying where it will go. So sorry I can;t help but maybe someone else knows of somthing.
  8. [font=monospace]Have you tried putting the namespace name on the root element rather than the attribute?[/font] [font=monospace]EDIT:- I removed my previous post because my eyes failed to read most of your post, Monday morning blues [/font]
  9. You should pinch the data before it gets to the shader. The point where you fill in the UV data in the buffer. No idea, I've only tested with quadrangle (using two triangles), as the artefacts you are seeing are normally associated (or are more noticeable) with 2D UI elements. Chances are if you're using triangles as part of 3D meshes rather than sprite type primitives then it may not be noticeable. However, the quadrangle method is because, on the top left side += relates to the normal texel mapping to primitive (.5 of a texel), the -= however is because we associate 1.0f as a bottom/right edge, but we know 1.0 = 0.0 so the right edge is really 1.0f - texel width + half texel width).
  10. Only if you're using Position as the UV coords, if position is what it implies then it won't help, forget about modifying the vertices positions and change the UV input. EDIT: and pinch regardless rather than use min, max.
  11. sorry not been around for a while so missed this post. given your uv's are 0 -> 1 and your texture is 64x32 then uadj = 0.5 / 64 vadj = 0.5 / 32 then assuming a clockwise order. u(0) += uadj v(0) += vadj // top left u(1) -= uadj v(1) += vadj // top right u(2) -= uadj v(2) -= vadj // bottom right u(3) += uadj v(3) -= vadj // bottom left
  12. The uvs you supply you need to pinch them 1/2 texel, not just move them all by the same value. htw = half texel width, hth = half texel height. As in, u(0) += htw, v(0) += hth - u(1) -= htw, v(1) -= hth Other corner can be worked out from these.
  13. They're not in the same scope, b.A::Test(1); would work. putting a using A::Test in the second class would also work. class B : public A { public: using A::Test; void Test() {} };
  14. Nikster

    Big integer (128 bit++)

    I meant 1kbit zx81, we were very poor ;)
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