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    No Competition Policy

    thank you.
  2. TommyPatterson

    No Competition Policy

    Has anyone heard about this policy? I couldn't find where I had read about it but apparently with some more main stream companies they have this. The article said something about if you work for a company with this policy, any game idea you come up with on your own, you must sell to them or you can't create it(with being fired or sued i assume) Anyone have more details, perhaps a direct experience?
  3. TommyPatterson

    The Story Writing Side to a Game

    Alright, I'ma give it effort. I'll try to get it on her if I can at some point.
  4. TommyPatterson

    The Story Writing Side to a Game

    Alright thanks guys. This is making more sense to me now. I've had other ideas that seemed cool but I don't wanna lose this one like the others. It seems actually reachable this time. It wouldn't hurt to write a fanfic first right?
  5. TommyPatterson

    The Story Writing Side to a Game

    So we've all seen solid stories in certain games. I'm not sure if this is the right place to post about it, but when it comes down to a prologue of the game, that isn't going to be playable but it's more so just backstory, how should it be written down. My story is about a kid who grows up to be a scientist in the psychological...something or other department and he puts together a machine that's like a game but it connects to your brain and nervous system causing you to really sync into the system.(to make some more sense also, it connects with your soul)So he test it a few times, then he goes in for a long period, and his family goes to find him and they pull him out without doing it right, so his soul is left stuck in the game. So his memory in the situation gets locked away in his brain and he plays the game through his soul. It starts him in a random place, and he is stuck there and there's a light shining up to the sky(like a light pillar)and he goes to it. There's a sword in a rock and as he grabs for memories flash through his brain, not vivid enough to put them together, but hesistantly he grabs the sword and everything comes to him then goes away. After that a new path opens up and he travels forward. skipping ahead, once he beats the game,he has all his memories put together, and he has a party back at his hometown in the game, and at one point, everyone lines up, and they all look at him and smile, then the background fades and it's just them all standing there in a white space, like purgatory. he looked around when it all started to fade and then he looks back and everyone in the game has turned back to their counterparts from real life people...and he understands what's happening. He changes back to himself in that place and walks to them. In the hospital he wakes up, and his girlfriend(real life best friend)is holding his hand, and it's obvious she'd been crying but she's a sleep. He lightly tightens his grip to wake her up and she looks at him... that's just the gyst of it, so what I want to know is, what makes a story really solid, like when you play a game, what about a story pulls you in and keeps you playing, and loving every moment of it.
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