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  1. I have came up with a game idea for an app on facebook and are not sure what direction to take in legal setup. Can anyone think of a reason to setup as a LLC vs Sole Proprietor at least at the start to see how the company goes? Can anyone see any immediate legal actions which could occur before the business become profitable enough to switch to an LLC? Or is everyone assumption here if your not willing to invest to safeguard yourself and the company then its not worth doing. This is what I have heard a lot in the past. All thoughts are appreciated. Basically just trying to find out what type of legality is hanging out there with starting a fb app.
  2. [font="tahoma"] dCosm is a real time massive multiplayer online space strategy game which is played on a 2D scrollable map with moving ships in multiple map sizes and multiple strategy board types. Currently in development with an alpha release only displaying one type of strategy play. We plan to eventuallly have: Peer vs Peer, Peer vs AI, Team vs Team, Continual, and Goal Achieving Win play. Please register and help us test what we have so far so we can continue to make the game better and to add the other types of game play. http://dcosm.com[/font]
  3. syphic

    Competing Team City Building Game

    I was just wanting some ideas on what people thought. As for each section, I could give power to the mayor to build utilities which would give the other players more and better options. Industrial I could have them actually have to buy material and make products. Residential not sure what else I can do at the moment but any thoughts would be great. The idea behind res, ind, comm was to give a easy, mid, and hard feature. Also player can play in multibe cities. I do have more ideas if I need to post to give the game that filler you were referring to.
  4. I am developing a city building game where teams of 4 compete against each other to make the best city possible. Each team member has one of the following roles in the city they are in: Mayor: Zone land (residential, industrial, and commercial), setup tax % on money made by other 3 players so more land can be zoned Residential: Build Houses or Apartments Industrial: Build Factories and Employ Workers Commercial: Build Shopping Centers, Employ Workers, Buy Products from Industrial, Sell Goods to Employed Workers The next part is the actual game play: Residential: For AI pop to move in a industrial or commercial would have to be built. Industrial: Once industrial and residential built, AI pop will show up for hire. Hire the pop desired according to pay/stats and then they start producing goods. Setup price of goods to sell to commercial. Commercial: Once commercial and residential built, AI pop will show up for hire. Hire the pop desired according to pay/stats. At this point setup a contract with a industrial factory to buy x amount of good and then set a price to sell them back to the AI pop. The goal is to have all three in a good sink where none are making more or less than the other. I got more ideas for a v2 but want to make sure this basic concept is solid. So far I have the mayor and residential part done, the building of factories/retail, and in progress on the hiring.
  5. I am making a game similar to a game back in 2000 called the invisible hand which no longer exist sense in 2000 the company 2am was shut down. Now, the references in the game are also similar to simcity so I just want to make sure I am not going to be stepping on any toes and have any legal issues with launching this game. So here is the basics of the game. Each map has 4 team members: mayor, residential, industrial, and commercial. Each person has their part in the city to make it a success. Each map competes against other maps to make the best city. Now if i use the references to residential, industrial, commercial, and have utilities for mayor; will this be too similar to simcity? I would think sense the game play is different even with the references; there should be no issues.
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