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  1. sorry but may I know what is CS?
  2. Why do you say that? It might not necessarily be games related, but there are plenty of places that need electrical engineers. Plus when the apocalypse comes they can still make computers while us programmers will have no idea what to do. [/quote] I never learn electrical engineers..
  3. They are a dime a dozen because there are dozens ( ok, millions ) of jobs. Going to have a bitch of a time finding employement in electrical engineering field these days. [/quote] sorry.. I dont learn E and E..
  4. Hardware is it easier to find job next time?
  5. not sure cause now I doing my foundation course..
  6. I think I prefer software engineer..
  7. Should I choose hardware engineer or software engineer or programmer as my career?
  8. Should I choose hardware engineer or software engineer or programmer?
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