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    Zombie Toss Basketball - Feedback requested

    This is good feedback thank you. I guess I should explain that the video is the Unlimited mode in which all hoops, zombies, and air cannon are unlocked. In the real game play you have to work to unlock hoops/air cannon and get new zombies (currently 4) to toss around based on score. There is a certain "want to keep playing this" factor that I think it is still missing ...
  2. jocovogamedev

    Feedback on completed game art style?

    [color="#1C2837"]Hello everyone, [color="#1C2837"]I posted about my game in the game design sub forum and I hope it's not a bad thing but I also wanted to get some feedback on the game art. [color="#1C2837"] [color="#1C2837"]I'm always looking for ways to improve ... [color="#1C2837"] Here is a game play video if not interested in downloading: Game Play Video iTunes Link - Zombie Toss Basketball Here are a few screenshots: Thanks!
  3. jocovogamedev

    Methods for creating Effective "Programmer Art"?

    A game I'm sure everyone knows about that is a good example of a simple consistent style is Cannabalt It comes across to me as well done "programmer art". It's 8-bit style is hot these days (on mobile devices anyway).
  4. jocovogamedev

    Building Hype

    I'm learning this all myself so I'm no expert but: Start early (long before game is finished) creating a buzz!! Doing press releases can help. Getting review sites to review your game. Being active (and liked) on as many forums as possible is a very good thing. Putting something in your game that allows people to follow you on twitter or post on facebook. Also creating a facebook landing page is very good. Here is a forum that's mainly for iPhone but may have some good info there: Promoting techniques A video series that is a must for anyone I think despite that it's geared towards iPhone is: MoMo Chicago Video Series I have no association with any of these, btw ...
  5. jocovogamedev

    Efficient workflow for creating sprite animations

    I do what roots has described. I create the model in max and animate. I then simply render the animation in any view I want as transparent pngs. The model creation and especially the rigging is the big time suck. If done well you can use this same model with different clothes, etc for new characters. Max is expensive so something like Blender or Milkshape can do the same. For my recent game I relied mostly on ragdolls and their natural motion so no need to animate. If you can learn to animate a ragdoll you can acheive nearly the same result. Hope that helps!
  6. jocovogamedev

    What is wrong with this GUI

    GUI does have enough room for buttons, status displays, etc. But again there isn't much here. If this is a static room putting shadows and light would really make this pop in addition to wall ornaments (such as a rack for sinister tools). Hope that help! [size=2]
  7. Hello everyone, I was curious what others thought of my game Zombie Toss Basketball. Platform iPhone/iTouch Summary [font="Tahoma"]Zombie Toss Basketball is a hilarious hybrid game combining zombie destruction, circus acrobats, and of course basketball. The goal of the game is to toss flaming zombies into the main 100 point basket to unlock other higher point hoops and air cannon above the court. Higher scores also unlock newer zombies with distinct appearance, sounds, weight, and height for extra challenging shots. [/font] [font="arial, sans-serif"][font="Arial"]Background[/font] [font="Arial"]After the smoke had cleared from the 'Near Zombie Apocalypse' of 2023 (or 'NZA' for short) there was a great emptiness felt by those humans who had survived. [/font] [font="Arial"]Combined with the immense rage and violent emotion that festered in the wake of the NZA, the door was opened to what would become man's greatest achievement to date: Zombie Toss Basketball!!! [/font] [font="Arial"]Humanities collective spirits were rekindled by the savage and brutal nature of the new sport, a sadistic hybrid event, cobbled together through vague recollections and perverted memories.[/font] [font="Arial"]Some foul homogeny of elf tossing, circus acrobats and professional basketball; Zombie Toss Basketball would not only mark the pinnacle of humanity's achievements, but also its bloodlust.[/font] [font="Arial"]Take the role of a legendary Zombie Hurler and satisfy the masses with your skillfully executed exterminations and your satisfyingly sweet "SWISHES". Perform wicked skill shots and electrify the mob with a carnage creating cannon kaboom. [/font] [font="Arial"]Leave no zombie unscathed!!![/font] [/font] It's free to download. It does cost to upgrade to more zombies, etc but the free version should give you idea. Here is a game play video if not up for downloading: Game Play Video iTunes Link - Zombie Toss Basketball Here are a few screenshots: I am the designer of the game (my first one) and wanted to get a critique in an effort to improve it. Thanks! -Joseph
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