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    Building a Portfolio

    Hi dbgamer, can you give us a link where we can see the game that got you the interview. I really want to see what kind of quality game I need to make to catch an employer's attention.
  2. hchan4155

    Using game project for resume?

    Do you get any help from anybody? If no, that's a bad idea. You must first get the DirectX working, then you still have to build your game on top of it. Don't underestimate the scope of a small game project. No matter how small it is, it's still a lot of work. If you are alone, create a small game. Do you guys think that I can use a game project to get a non game related programming job? [/quote] No. Non-game companies have difficulties understanding how much work it involves to finish a game, and I am speaking this from experience of moving from game industry to non-game tech industry. Here's the difference. Game companies typically look for a couple of these qualities in their candidates: Passion for gamesHave a couple of games under the belt.Creativity / Intelligence Non-game companies will look for these qualities: X years of experience working on a technology (for example: 5 years of experience working on Javascript/SQL/PHP/Ruby/HTML/Spring/J2EE) As you can see they are looking for two different qualities. One is the passion (experience is a plus), the other is the experience (passion is not necessary). So choose your field and work toward that. [/quote] Thanks for everyones replies. OK, so I plan on making this game using Directx which involves a lot of C++ coding. Lets say the employer (non gaming related industry) is looking for a strong C++ coder. You don't think I can showoff my Directx game to this employer to demonstrate my strong C++ programming skills?
  3. hchan4155

    Using game project for resume?

    1. Probably not, for reasons stated above. 2. Sure. H-Chan, you now have two threads here in Breaking In. Which one do you want left open? I'll close the other. (Note: please do not delete any of your old posts yourself, we don't like that.) [/quote] Delete the other one
  4. Hey I'm a recent grad who graduated with a low GPA of 2.30 from an average university. I have no previous IT job/intern experience. I know that to get a job I would have to make a couple of projects to show off to employers. Right now I'm thinking of making a huge game project using DirectX. Is this a good idea? Do you guys think that I can use a game project to get a non game related programming job?
  5. What are my chances of landing a job as a game programmer with these credentials/roadblocks: -Bachelors degree in computer science from an average University with a low 2.30 GPA -Recent grad with no previous IT job/intern experience. -One big project to show off. The project is a DirectX game made from scratch and I consider it above average( like a B grade). A lot of time and effort was put into it. I have a websiite created to show it off and everything (I havent made the game or created the website yet but lets say I have) -Also I've got 3 small game projects I made for a class. One is a remake of the 1945 shooter using java, one is made using opengl, and the other is a group project with multiplayer support using a game engine Panda3d. I dont know if it is looking good for me, but maybe having a nice game made without using a game engine would help me. Could you guys give me a percent of me getting a job in the game industry as a game programmer within two months if I started searching today? edit: I'm happy with taking any game programmer job.
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