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  1. Got to love those 2am jam sessions
  2. Making websites for spanish speaking people is hard when you dont know spanish. #screwed
  3. nothingalike

    2D Map Rendering

    Actually I'm going to be coding it myself. I know C++ and I've done basic games like Pong with SDL, but I was thinking to use OpenGL for this. This is really a learning experience project. But yeah I'm decent with C++ which ill be working with another coder with this. I don't mind the endless hours of coding work. I'm actually a developer in my day job, web development (back-end). So I'm used to staring at code. So I guess i should just have the individual textures necessary and clip them out of sprite sheet and just compile the environment this way?
  4. Hostmonster I just wanted to let you know that you are terrible. #hostmonster #sucks
  5. nothingalike

    2D Map Rendering

    This should be pretty simple, and hopefully I'm posting this in the correct area. Me and a friend are just starting a 2D RPG just as a fun side project and a learning experience. This question is concerning how to render a dungeon, open world AKA a large area. Should i create the world as a single image or should i just cut the different sprites into a sprite sheet and just figure out the logic for rendering the different sprites together? Hopefully this makes sense.
  6. nothingalike

    Rendering Text, need help [solved]

    Worked like a charm. Thanks. Ok I'm guessing thats not really a prime way of constructing that class. Do you have any advice on restructuring it?
  7. nothingalike

    Rendering Text, need help [solved]

    I think you may be right about my Score class so i posted it. I've never really dealt with stringstream so i think i maybe doing it wrong. class Score { public: Score(int x, int y); virtual ~Score(); void Add(); std::string GetScore(); void draw(); protected: int m_Score, xSet, ySet; std::stringstream m_SS; }; Score::Score(int x, int y) { m_Score = 0; xSet = x; ySet = y; } Score::~Score(){} void Score::Add() { m_Score += 1; } std::string Score::GetScore() { m_SS << m_Score; return m_SS.str(); } void Score::draw() { std::string score = GetScore(); //Generate the message surface SDL_Surface* show_score = TTF_RenderText_Solid( font, score.c_str(), textColor ); apply_surface(xSet, ySet, show_score, screen); SDL_FreeSurface(show_score); }[/quote]
  8. nothingalike

    Rendering Text, need help [solved]

    [font=arial, verdana, tahoma, sans-serif][size=2]I just realized im also a noobie at forums, sorry. the repeat along the X-axis looks like thing, assuming one score is 0. [/font] 00000000000000000000000000000000000000000 and here is the code for GetScore.() and Add() void Score::Add() { m_Score += 1; } std::string Score::GetScore() { m_SS << m_Score; return m_SS.str(); } Hopefully that helps, now im going to go read the how-to on operating a forum lol
  9. This is probably really simple, so hopefully i can get some help. I'm trying to add a score board to my pong clone. I have all the movement input and collision detection setup, but i can't get the score to act right. I put the draw score function which is score = r_Score.GetScore(); //Generate the message surface show_score = TTF_RenderText_Solid( font, score.c_str(), textColor ); apply_surface(500, 20, show_score, screen); SDL_FreeSurface(show_score); but when the screen updates it doesn't just keep updating the score at 500,20 it just repeats it along the X-axis. Any help would be great. Thanks.
  10. I'm new to SDL, but I have some experience with C++ (meaning I was a CS Major and took some classes + Independent study at home). I tried looking through the forum for this particular problem, and its probably in there but the search didn't show anything. Here's my problem, and its probably really simple to fix.(note: I'm trying to make a pong clone) When I'm moving the paddle up and down, it does move, but really its just making paddle grow. I could just start pasting code in here, but i'd rather paste what is need. So any help would be appreciated. Thanks Solution: //Fill the screen black SDL_FillRect( screen, &screen->clip_rect, SDL_MapRGB( screen->format, 0, 0, 0 ) ); forgot to update the screen. woops
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