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  1. It's baaaaaaack…well, sort of… http://suntzu40k.blogspot.com
  2. My review of Warhammer 40,000: Kill Team shows two analog sticks can kill many: http://bit.ly/o7pu79
  3. YouTube Comment of the Week: "Dark Helmet [Stig from Top Gear] is the only person crazy enough to go to plaid." http://bit.ly/pSH1Ot
  4. Feeling calmer now having written my feelings down on my blog. Still, though...I shouldn't have felt that strongly at all.
  5. Brain is gelatinous. Throw some Jell-O powder in my skull and it's good eatin'!
  6. Do I hafta get outta bed right now? No? Good. *zzzZzzzzzzzz*
  7. I just had a dream where I think I had sex with a ghost. o_O
  8. #MontyPython was right! There really WERE Norwegian Blue parrots! But they're all ex-parrots now: http://bit.ly/ni8olg
  9. Another post from my personal blog, if anyone cares (and I know at least one of you does ;) ): http://bit.ly/qsz9Wj
  10. Yay! Gmail's back from the dead! *re-hooks up Gmail IV*
  11. Hail to thee, oh air conditioner…
  12. Today's been weird. o_O
  13. Brain is cooked from trying to learn the Torque 2D engine. But I think I'm making progress. I got a fish to swim! #smallvictories
  14. Webimpulse

    Game design document formats

    Well, it's essentially for recruiting team members as I need them - while I don't foresee the need for a programmer to help me at this time (since this is a chance for me to learn how to at least script with Torque 2D, the engine I'm using), I will need an artist. Now, the artist I talked to already said a prototype of the game in question would do better to convince him to help me out, which is a reasonable proposal. So the concept paper is, I guess, sort of moot at this point in time, but I figure if I need some additional help I can show this concept paper to potential helpers to make sure they grasp what it is I'm trying to do. Plus, it's good practice, at least. I learned something already by writing one and discovering it's not really a proper GDD.
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