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  1. I've sent you a PM, I hope you got it. This looks very interesting to say the least.
  2. So I'm sure all of what you say is true, but for each client running the simulation, does it not make sense that the server still has to calculate for the clients to ensure there's no hacking going on? Then again, basic checking could just ensure the client is too far from where it should be and then let it keep going otherwise, or run a correction every now and then if need be. The part that tricks me the most is the collisions. I can't have clients handle that because if they all did their own calculations, wouldn't it be out of sync perhaps? I figured the server would have to handle that. Also, just how much stress does a physics calculation like that take server side? If it's not as crazy as I believe, maybe it's not that bad. All I need to do is achieve <50ms, ideally 35-40ms.
  3. Just how did they do that? Currently up to 80 people can be in the instance at any one time, they could technically all be in cars and drive them, ram them into eachother and so on and all of this is processed clearly with physics. But to prevent cheaters, it must be done server side. So my question is, how does the server perform all those physics calculations so quickly and serve them back to the client to be seen and interacted with on the fly? Could anyone go in-depth with me on exactly how this is happening? Here's a solid example of all of this for you guys: I'm a long time player and I can't fathom how they pull this off programming wise. I even know what goes into their servers. http://apbreloaded.gamersfirst.com/2015/02/new-apb-servers.html So just how hard would this be to recreate in Unreal Engine 4? Edit: Here's another video for LOTS of physics calculations in collisions and such.
  4. Revofire

    Is the Asgardia project viable?

    Yes.... if you're willing to give 110% of your soul. Just as someone else said, it's very expensive. The best way to pull this off is to design a space craft that be used for intercontinental transport by cruising through space. A new type of craft, propulsion, etc. This will generate massive revenue and reduce the cost required to send materials and people massively.   That's how you make this work in such small. Use our free market while we still have it.
  5. Revofire

    2D AI Programmer - Ruddy2D Javascript

    Do you guys have a website already? That might help with recruitment. I am in very much a learning state but I do have decent experience in Javascript and I am absolutely obsessed with AI so I would love to learn and combine the two. My only concern is it seems you guys are moving fast so I am unsure exactly how you have built the systems and what I need to tie in. So how much time would I have and just what exactly are we needing? AI is very broad and apparently subjective as well.
  6. Hello. I'd love to help out as our goals seem to really align. It's a duo partnership and I'm the sole programmer so there is no need to try and understand what someone else wrote. Plus it's low stress where we both collaborate for fun instead of making a commercial product.   All of this sounds great so maybe you can shoot me an email? I'll message you.
  7. Happy New Years everyone! :) Hope 2013 is better than 2012, you know, without all that December 21st worrying and all.
  8. Mind showing us the model of this perpetual motion machine? :p
  9. Revofire

    Vote for Kinetic Damage to E3

    What are the requirements for you to win?
  10. Revofire

    HTML5 Game Engines - Find which one is right for you

    These things are only handy when they are updated frequently. :p Let's hope you keep at it.
  11. Revofire

    itch.io - indie game hosting

    This is interesting, would like to see this get somewhere.
  12. Jennifer Hewitt complains she doesn't get hit on by guys much. Not going to complain, if I see her I'll try so many pickup lines! Haha.
  13. God does answer prayers. :) of course each battle may be won, it's always a war till we die. Praise the Lord regardless.
  14. [3:31:53 PM] Daniel Harris: lol [3:32:13 PM] Daniel Harris: to find you on my email all i have to do is search "ass" [3:32:14 PM] AssaultH3ro911: :P [3:32:21 PM] Daniel Harris: than up comes assoulthro [3:32:22 PM] Daniel Harris: lol [3:32:34 PM] AssaultH3ro911: ........
  15. The heart is the center of the body but beats on the left. Maybe that's the reason the heart is not always right. Reply: The left side of the brain controls the right side of the body, then only people that listen to their heart (on the left) are in their right minds ---- Speaking logically and illogically at the same time.
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