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  1. [size="4"]Problem solved .. now generation made once and at resizing we don't delete the old texture and don't generate a new one and the same for FBO . The rest of command [glBindTexture , glTexImage2D , glBindFramebufferEXT , glFramebufferTexture2DEXT ,....] are called as normal I'd like to thank every one here spent his time and effort trying to help me , thanks all
  2. [size="4"]i made a new test today and this time i completed it to the end.The GPU ran out of memory and the program crashed. I think this result doesn't match the theory that says the GPU after deleting texture will free and use this memory when needed,is not it ?!
  3. [size="4"]thank you very much for this great tool i'll use it to test my application and reevaluate the performance
  4. [size="4"]Yesterday i tested my application it continued for about 2 hours and the GPU memory usage increased until it reached about 75% without decay .. Although i'm deleting the old textures every about 10seconds. Do you think that the system didn't reached that point at which the memory should be reused? Is that safe ?
  5. [size="4"] OK , but do you find it reasonable that there is noway to free the the allocated GPU memory which is possible and a very simple operation in the system RAM !!!
  6. [size="4"]The GPU memory usage is increasing by a fixed value for every recreated texture and it is increasing continuously without decay .. by this rate it just about time to run out of memory but this-based on my calculations- will happen
  7. [size="4"]i used GPUShark app (downloaded from www.geeks3d.com )to monitor the GPU resources at run-time .. it's really helpful but the graphics card driver should be updated to give accurate results
  8. [size="4"]hi every body, I'm using FBO in my application.. at some points My app rendering resize and i need to delete and recreate the FBO by the new dims and data .. it works fine but i noticed that the glDeleteTextures doesn't free the GPU memory that resulted in accumulated GPU memory leakage at run-time. this is my code to delete the FBO and its texture glDeleteFramebuffersEXT( 1, TempFrameBuffer); glDeleteTextures( 1, Tempimage); can you find what i missed? are there any method to free the GPU memory after deleting texture? thanks in advance for your help
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